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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surviving Sandy And Still Quilting

sandy storm

This is a picture of the floods in New Jersey, I live in D.C. and survived not having a flood.  D.C. schools, and governments, and public transportation was shut down on Monday.  Since it was my day off it was not such a big deal for me.  Because of the shut down of public transportation Tom and I had to go over to the Washington Hospital Center to pick up my daughter from work at around 8:30 a.m.  Since we were already out we went shopping over at Wal-Mart to pick up batteries and a few other items.  Yes, we should have batteries, but you know how it is,  “out of sight, out of mind”.  We were in luck, they had batteries and fully stock shelves.  From there we stopped pass the Mall, put it was closed, must of all the other stores were open, liquor store (you can't have a good storm without stocking up, I stopped pass on my second run out).

The weather was rainy and the winds high, put manageable.  We got back home around 1:00 (other stops made).  When Tom went up to the bed room he discovered that the bed was wet, after look up he saw a leak over the bed.  Well dame, what are we going to do about this with all this rain coming down.  We moved the bed, put a bucket under the leak and hope for the best.  At least we got the bedroom cleaned up and found missing items under the bed. 

Since the winds were picking up and the rain coming down a little harder, my daughter decided that she should go into work early, she does not have to be in until 11:30 so we took her in at 7:00, on this trip out we went back to store to pick up some items for my mother.  This trip we saw down trees and light out in some neighborhoods.  We are still lucky, we will have electricity and no down trees.

In between running out, I did get some cutting done.  I am working on a signature quilt for a church retreat next month and wanted to get this out of the way.


I need about 50 or 60 block, I cut up some white fabric and looked through by scrap material for the tri-angles.  This will be a 5-1/2” block, after cutting about a hundred scrap blocks I folded them so that when I get them to the machine, I can just follow the fold line instead of drawing them (I am not a straight sewer, and after one drink do telling were the line will be).


Now  those little slivers of fabric above will be turned into something I hope, I saving them to try a technique I saw, I will let you know if it turns out o.k.  These fabric pieces over on the side here will be a scrappy block of some kind.


Since they have shut down the government again (Tuesday), I will have time to put these blocks together and might even have time to work on other UFOs that I have.  I am sure we will be back to work on Monday, but if they give us situational leave on Wednesday, I might just take it.

I hope all of you have survived Sandy in a good way and got some quilting done before the power went out.

Surviving and Quilting

The Slow Quilter

(Felicia Few)


  1. We have been following the storm on tv. It looked like DC got a lot of rain and wind. Thank you for letting us know you are okay.

  2. I hope the weather gets nicer for you and stay safe. Good luck with your quilt project. Cann't wait to see the finished quilt.

  3. Sandy has finally left our area! We had no power for about 8 hours but it wasn't too bad. Made it through just fine but couldn't sew or quilt. No damage to our home so we're very lucky.

  4. Enjoy your day off. So glad y'all escaped major damage. Hope the leak isn't too bad and can be repaired.