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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Get Out And Vote



Getting back to work was no big deal, not much to do, not for me anyway.  I decided that since early voting polls were back open today that I would take my mother up to vote and get mines in also (that “killing two birds with one stone” idea kicking in).  I told my father that while he was out at McDonalds that he should also go vote.  He went and said it was too crowded (Yah right).


There is a campaign out to vote for a women, but I did not see her on the ballot.  Who you ask?  Maxine of course, Maxine for President.  Would it not be good to have a Women President.




I would vote for her, how about you?

I did not get any quilting done today, the men of the house wanted to eat.  Who do they think I am, Martha Stewart, “that is a good thing”?  I am more like Cheri in Mermaids, fix them cheese and crackers, and party food, and leave me alone, I need time to quilt.

Excuses, excuses, it is also payday week and I need to get the bills paid before I have no power, gas or water.  I also need time to check out my fellow bloggers, even you, and leave comments, so I can get to bed early.  I brought my computer down stairs so I can cook, clean, and blog.  Hmmm, I fell  an commercial song coming on, Enjoli – I can bring home the beacon, fry it up in a pan, and never, never let you forget you’re a man, cause I’m a woman, Enjoli.

O.K., let me sign off now and get to working on the bills and reading the blogs.

Until Tomorrow – Don’t Forget to VOTE!!!

The Slow Quilter (Felicia Few)


  1. I'll be voting on Tuesday. Got the day off so it will be very easy. Love Maxine. So funny!

  2. I voted! We do mail in ballots here in Washington State. Hahaha... you made me laugh. Now I'll be singing the perfume commercial jingle all night long...

  3. You gotta love Maxine. She calls them as she sees them.

  4. I'll be voting November 6th. Can't miss out on that!

  5. Yea Maxine! Cute post.

  6. Cute! Glad you and your momma voted. Our little voting place is a small church on the other side of the soybean patch from me. It's rarely crowded and I get to chat with my neighbors, so I'm waiting until Tuesday.

    Plus, all those weird little amendments are confusing. I need to do a little more homework before I show up.

  7. let us know when you are up....I believe today is your day for ur priceless..

  8. I love Maxine! I've already voted.