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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sorry, I’ve Been Busy–Shopping For Fabric

O.K. to make a long story short, I have been working on a lot of different projects, since I work during the day, when I get home I work on different projects and hit the bed and have not been able to blog.  Some of the things I am working on I cannot show yet, but once they are given to the recipients I will be able to blog about them.  It wont be long.

My weekend started Thursday, when my girlfriends (Shirley, Pat and Charlene, I am on the floor) went to a hotel in Colombia, MD, for a girls weekend out and to celebrate Charlene’s birthday. 


This was also the weekend for Shopping for fabric with the Faithful Circle Quilters. It is an annul shopping trip to Lancaster, PA to Sauder’s Fabric, Shady Maples (great food) and on to Intercourse, PA to the Kettle, to shop at Zook’s.  We also met up with Linda (Eat, Sleep and Quilt), Emma, and Renee some of our other Guild and Bee members for this trip.


As you can see these gals can shop.  I see Pat in line thinking about what else she can buy.  The cutters are all busy trying to keep up with the fabric that was coming their way.


This is Sandy Lynch, she is the one we send our money to, for this trip.  Thank you Sandy for always having a seat on the bus for us, we Love hanging out with you gals, you all are such fun.



Hello there, look who I was seating next too at Shady Maple, Dawn Stewart of Spring Water Designs.  She is a designer and teacher and her shop is is in Jessup, MD.  She also has a blog http://springwaterdesigns.blogspot.com/, so if you have time check her out.  I also know that she took some great pictures of the country side.  This was her first trip hanging with us, hope to see her again next year.

SAM_1710Here is Emma and Pat on their way to Goodies to spend more money on fabric.





This is the quilt that is hanging in Shady Maple, all hand quilted, I think Charlene said that this quilt is on sale for about $2,000.  Woo, what a price tag.  We went down to the Good’s store to buy more fabric before we head out to the Kettle and Zook’s in Intercourse, PA (You know with a name like that, there is a joke in it, put I cannot in good conscious type what I am thinking).  I brought mostly notions (fusible flees, black and white fabric and some flees for baby blankets.  I did not take pictures, too busy using Tom’s credit card.


As you can see, we left the hotel with more then we came there with.  Lucky me, I sent my stuff home with Linda that Friday night when we got back in town, so I could squeeze my two bags in the back seat with me.

But do you think we went straight home when we left the hotel, well no, to end our weekend, we went to my favorite restaurant Houlihan’s, but before we went there, we had to make a stop over at Jo Ann’s Fabrics.  Yea, right did we really need to go there to buy more fabric, yes we did.  I was just going in to pick up a zipper and more purse closers.  I end up buying some fabric (which I cannot show you yet) I am making a WOW Bag for a friend.  I was just too busy to take pictures.

We finally made it to Houlihan’s and to my shrooms.   What are shrooms you say, they are mushrooms, with a cream chees filling and deep fried.  I love mushrooms and these are the best.  I was also introduced to some fried pickles, I know you have heard of them.  It was the first time I have tried them, but I must say they were delicious.


We finally made it home around 5:00, great time, I ran out to Linda’s to pick up my fabric and broom I brought my mother.  She wanted one of those corn brooms.  I have not unpacked yet, will do it once I get home form church tomorrow.  So as you can see I have been busy.

So until I blog again

The Busy Slow Quilter


  1. We had a ball as usual, I'm looking forward to next year! I'm glad you got your shrooms, someday maybe I'll try those fried pickles.

    So... you ladies stopped at JoAnn's ehh???

  2. Looks like a lovely weekend and everyone had fun.

  3. It was so nice to meet you at lunch, thanks for the shout out :) What a great idea to stay over at the hotel with friends and make it a whole retreat weekend! (I was amazed by that pieced leaf quilt too)

  4. This sounded like so much fun. Drag me along next year!