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Friday, June 8, 2012

Secret Quilt–Mug Rug-Where is that Fabric?


I am happy to say that I am almost finished the challenge quilt.  I have been sewing all day and have sandwich the quilt.  Not sure how I plan to quilt it yet, but after putting it together most of the day, I did not want to do anything wrong to it so I am just waiting to quilt it.  The binding and sleeve are already ready for the quilt.

SAM_1051 I don’t think the binding will give the quilt away.  I just love this wrapping the binding on a tub and sitting it on a thread pole, keeping it off the floor.

After finishing the quilt top, I had to find a backing which I knew what I wanted to use.  I brought this fabric in Boston about 2 or 3 years ago when I went up to visit my son.  Now you know that being quilters we all know what we have in our stash, no matter how long we have it.  We remember the fabric.  I know I saw it somewhere.  I had to look through everything.


I looked up stairs, down stairs, sewing room, and boxes.  Yah, it is a mess.  I did not find it, put did find something else to use.  Does it really look like I need to be going on a fabric shopping trip in October?  Always can use new fabric.

Family Day is next Saturday, so I still have time to work on it next week.  Why next week?  I have a very busy weekend.  Tomorrow (Friday) I bowl and will not get home until after 12:00 and Saturday morning I have to run to the church for a New Members Breakfast that I am in charge of, but will have to leave by 10:00 to get the bus over to me girlfriend’s mother house by 10:30, we are going to Atlantic City, and we all know that Sunday is the day for the Lord.  So I guess I will get back to the quilt on Monday.

I made my first mug rug today.  I needed a break from the quilt.  I plan to give it to my supervisor.  I even quilted it, a first.  Good way to use up all those semi-small fabrics you not sure what you want to do with.


So you might not hear from me until Monday, that is, if I have something to blog about.

The Slow Quilter


  1. I am trying to tame my 'mess' - my SIL is one to pull out almost everything to find just the right color/print - and then disaster strikes again. I just love the fabric in your mug rug - it definitely needed a home instead of sitting hidden and lonely.

  2. I tamed my mess this past week. And I feel like I have a brand new stash to "shop" through. Enjoy the weekend!