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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fresh Air–Friends-Setting Up & Reading

To all my friends in the DC, Maryland and Virginia area can you do me a small favor?  Would you take a look at a machine that cleans and freshens the air?  You don’t have to buy anything, this will help me earn a free machine.  You will get a 3 day/2 night hotel accommodations for helping me.  It’s a simple show, a representative from Airworks will come to your home a do a demonstration of this machine.  If you are willing to help a sister out please let me know and I will get back to you and thank you in advance for your help.

Now after that public address, let me tell you about my friends.  I got a e-mail at work today for my girlfriend Charlene telling me to check out Linda’s blog (Eat, Sleep, Quilt) with a sorry Felicia attached.  See most of my friends that I quilt with are retired, so they get to have a hang out day during the week, while I a slaving out work, and tease me about it.  Well I am glad they had a good time at the movies, and went out to lunch, and stayed out of JoAnn’s fabric when they were right there at it.  Well I will be off all next week so I hope they don’t forget about me we they decide to take another girls day out.Crying face

While I will be off next week, I am starting set up my projects to do list.  I have already found two bag patterns I had in my stash one from Simplicity – Sweet Pea Totes and San Clemente 6-Pack Bag Collection from A Quilter’s Dream.

2396 thumbnail


Do I spot some fabric already for one of the bags?Surprised smileThat colorful one at the end of the bed.  Bags are not the only thing I will be make next week.  I will be catching up on my BOM blocks and try to re-organize my fabric and look for back fabric for the quilt tops that I have.  No if only I can stick to this plan I will be o.k.  But like all good plans, something always comes up to block them.  We can only wait and see.

So in the last two weeks between sewing, I have read several books that I want to tell my paranormal romance readers about (I will have to update my profile on my favorite books I read soon).  Susannah Sandlin is an author of paranormal romance set in the Deep South,  and her book Redemption was an enjoyable read and a change, check out the review and her web sit - http://katlatham.com/2012/06/not-your-mamas-alpha-male-guest-post-giveaway-by-susannah-sandlin/; http://www.susannahsandlin.com/.  Also any Anita Blake vampire slayer fans out there the new book Kiss The Dead, by Laurel K. Hamilton o.k.  It always starts and ends with action, but the middle does too many explanation of her love life.  I did enjoy the book, but there was not enough of something in there.  I also read two books by author Mimi Jean Pamfloff – “Accidentally In Love With a God” and “Accidentally Married To A Vampire? Both books were really fun to read and will make you laugh out loud.  They were short reads and cheap so check them out on your Kindle.  I am also taken a stab at reading “A Game of Thrones': A Song of Ice and Fire” by George R.R. Martin.  I  have been catching the HBO show “Game of Thrones'” series and thought since it is off for the season I would catch up on the book to understand the series better.  I really want to know what is happing out there with the Night Watch those monsters on the other side of the wall.

So that is all for now and don’t forget about the fresh air machine.

The Slow Quilter


  1. Hope you get your machine!

  2. You have an ambitious week scheduled. I am still trying to complete the Mondo bag that I started 3 weeks ago. Needless to say I am not a bag lady. Thanks for the new reads. You know I am a big Anita Blake fan, but I agree, the later books are too repetitious. Just re-hashing a bunch of stuff already out there. Send me a message about the machine.