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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Half Square Triangles and Gladys Knight

What does half square triangles have to do with Gladys Knight, nothing at all.  Gladys Knight was in concert at my job today opening up the Spring Concert in the mall at the Ronald Regan Building.  These pictures were taken by one of my co-workers.


There were so many people, I had to take pictures from my window on the 4th floor.


You can really see the stage and hear the music very well.  It was a great start to the summer, the weather was mild and sunny. It seems everyone had a great time.

As you know Craftsy BOM is dealing with half square triangles and scant 1/4” inch seams, and it so happens that the secret block that I am working on also has half square triangles, quarter squares and scant 1/4 inch piecing. The quilt will be revealed to you next Saturday night.  Most of you will see it at the Family Day Celebration if you come to North Michigan Park Recreation Center.

I have completed two more blocks today and only have one more to do before I lay it out I also ran out of the fabric I was using).  I must say that I am prod of myself with the precision piecing I have done, all points are matching.  Following the directions and using the scant 1/4 inch seam left the block quite near the 12 1/2 square with little to square up.  No matter how much you quilt or piece blocks together it is always gratifying when thing come together perfectly.  Even I cannot wait to see the finish project.

Thou this quilt will not be large, I can see it myself doing a larger scale up in bright colors.  I can not what to see how I will lay it out, I have an idea, I just hope it works or I can figure it out.

So until tomorrow

The Slow Quilter

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  1. Love Gladys Knight! Can't wait to see your quilt!