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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Bag Completed–Things Going On

Today (Saturday)  my son Darnell and I went to have our picture taken for the church directory (an if a may say so myself, they came out good), as we were getting dressed, he came into my room and told me that he did not have any feeling on the left side of his face and that this happen yesterday (Friday).  Looking at him you can not tell that anything was wrong, but I told him that after we take the pictures that he should go to the emergency room and have it checked out, that it could be a mini stroke or something.  He did not want to go, because he had choir rehearsal and did not want to be sitting in the waiting room all day. 
When we got around to the church around 10:00, and he was talking to a couple of church sisters (Lynn and Robin) and they convinced him that he should have it check out.  We were out of there by 10:30 and since I could not wait for him at the hospital (my daughter had the my father’s van and I had his car), his father (Tom) went up to sit with him.  The diagnoses is that he has Bell’s Palsy.  It is either weakness or paralysis of the muscles on one side of the face due to malfunction of the facial nerve. It usually starts suddenly - somebody can wake up in the morning and find that one side of the face does not move. Sometimes one eyelid may be affected, meaning that the patient is unable to blink properly from one eye They gave him a couple of prescription and suggest that he see a never doctor, do some facial exercises.  There is nothing that can really be done, and they not really sure what caused it.  He is doing fine and he can still sing.  We will be keeping a close eye on him.
After I got home, and cooked a early dinner, I went back into the sewing room to finish the bag I start yesterday.  I had these ties that I need to sew on, I made them put could not find them, I could not remember were I put them.  They had to be somewhere in all that stuff when I put it up.  Dame I really did not want to make them again.  So I delayed, and asked Tom to take me to JoAnn's’ because I was look for a stiff bottom for the bag, and need some more fusible flees.  After running out there, I took another look around and still could not fine the ties, so ended up making two more.  So here is the finish bag:
This is the Mini Bow Tuck Bag by Penny Sturges.   The fabric I got about two year ago from Jo Ann’s Fabric during a Christmas sale, it is a pale blue, pink and brown fabric, I do not have the fabric line name, I am sure it is on the salvage, but I am too lazy to run down stairs to find out, so I will let you know tomorrow.  I like this bag and it was not hard to do, put I think I will do something differently, like putting the ties on before the lining and using a walking foot because of the fusible flees (it does not fuse very well, or could it be I was not doing it right).
The above picture is some left over strips I had, I needed a stiff board for the bottom of the bag, so I use a board I had from some fabric I had brought from Wal-Mart.  After sewing it like a pillow case, I put it at the bottom of the bag.
The bag also has pockets all the way around it, nice place for your pens and pads (whoa, I could make a small pad holder to match the bag), and place for your cell phone, keys, what ever.  It also has a small pocket in the front of the bag.  I plan to give the bag to a cousin at church for her birthday, which is already pass, put she always asking me when I am going to maker her a bag.  I hope she likes it.  I do plan to make me one maybe tomorrow?
This was a great bag to make, and I plan to make a couple of more.  I’m trying to use up some of the fabric that I have before I go on my fabric shopping bus trip in October.  FABRIC, FABRIC YAH!!!!!
As you can see I am on a roll since I do not have the grand kids around.  I can get much sewing/quilting done, that is if I can keep my head out of the books.  I think it is time for a book review, put not tonight latter this week.  Tomorrow I have another bag that I finished tonight.  This bag I did in a class last year and it has been hanging on my bedroom door since I got home from the trip.  It only need to be top stitched around the top and add a button.  Whoa, I am really hitting some unfinished works.
So I will Bag you latter
The Slow Quilter – or should that be The Bag Lady?????


  1. Very pretty bag! Love the fabic colors.

  2. Love that Tulip Bag ... almost bought that pattern a time or two, but I have so many bag patterns I never use LOL. Maybe I will next time I see it though. Sorry to hear about Tom -- I'll add him to my prayers. On brighter side: I know 2 people living with Bells Palsy for many years -- and it's not been an ongoing problem for either one.