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Monday, June 18, 2012

Quilts In The Trees–Secret Quilt Reveled

I have been getting calls and e-mails about were is my blog.  Well, I have been soooo tired that all I have been doing is hitting the bed.  After the Family Day celebration on Saturday, all I could do is hit the shower, wash my hair and get ready for church.  I was so sleepy at church I cannot even remember what the sermon was about only John maybe the hold chapter something to do with Father’s Day.

Anyway, the Family Day celebration at North Michigan Park Recreation Center (NMP) was very nice along with the weather.  Here are some pictures of the Quilts in the trees the Wee Bee Quilters of NMP.


You know all the secret behind my quilt for this showing was not a big deal.  All the stress I was going on about getting it done.  After hanging up some of the quilts that I brought, I realized that I had two quilts with traditional blocks already.  I did not have to worry about really doing one, but is was an opportunity to try I block I never did before.  So here is the block.


As you can see this is the Card Trick block, using two fabric colors, as I can see from these pictures you cannot see it, but both fabrics are poker-dots.  I really enjoyed doing it.




This is a four colored Card Trick done by Loretta Tatum.  All the quilts were lovely.  The first place winner was my friend and riding buddy Pat King with her colorful Spider Web Quilt.


Now that this challenge is over it is time for me to get back to finishing up the quilt tops that I have, practice my quilting skills, and catch up on my 2 BOM blocks.  I am thinking that with my BOM blocks that I will try my hand with quilt as you go with each block.  I will be killing two bird in one by doing this technique.  I also will be making some bags.  I have a fabric buying trip coming up in October, so I have to hit my old stash before I bring in the new.

So, I will be blog a little be more, and quilting a lot, but right now, I going to bed.

The Slow Quilter


  1. Welcome back. I missed your postings but you kinda know when a friend is tired or has too much on their plates. Love the Card Trick quilt. I have never done one but it is on my increasingly long bucket list. Looking forward to your next posting. Take care.

  2. Hugs, I understand the "tired". It pops up more often than not these days. Your guild group has so much fun! I love it!

    And I love the show in the trees. A very unconventional, yet organic stage for all your wonderful work!