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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another Bag Completed

Being home alone I have time to sew and catch up on the things I want to make.  I really should start a bucket list or something, because I have so much stuff I want to do.  I have looked and all the fabric, rulers, patterns and templates that I have brought over the years and with the economy the way it is, I can not afford to just let this stuff just sit here and not be used.  I might have to sell some of this stuff.  In my quest to use up more of my fabric and am doing some bags.  The one I finished last night (Saturday), I have to a cousin at church this morning, she really loves it.
Again this is the Mini Bow Tuck Bag by Penny Sturges. The fabric I got about two year ago from Jo Ann’s Fabric.  The fabric has cats on it and the designer is Debbie Mumm (I looked at the salvage before coming up stairs).  I have already cut out fabric to make another one for me with some canvas fabric that I have, but I will be using a Michel Miller black cotton fabric for the lining since the outer fabric will be heaver then the cotton.  Here is the fabric I will be using:  It is lime green on black background.
Here is the other bag I finished last night, the Two Hour Tulip Purse, designed by Janice Pope.
Here is the template I used for this bag, and a better picture of the bag.
My bag does look like this picture, I do not know who the fabric designer is, again I do not plan to run down stairs to see if the name is on the salvage.
Now I do not plan to try and use up my fabric just on bags, I plan to use some for piece backing for 5 or six quilt tops that I have.  I will be working through my fabric until October.
So I hope you like my bags and stay tune for more creations.
The Slow Quilter


  1. I love your bags! I am on a Fabric Fast for the entire year... so far everything this year is from stash fabric and I still haven't made a dent. I think bags are a great way to use up some of it... I have lots of bag plans for this year!

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