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Thursday, May 24, 2012

What Do Old Quilters DO????

This is just the musings of my mine when I think to long.

What do old quilters do when:

Their eye sight fades? Call on a friend to thread the needle or pick out the right color fabrics.
What do old quilters do when:

Their fingers get arthritic?  Call on a friend to help them out.
What do old quilters do when:

They can no-longer quilt?  They cuddle up with the quilts they kept, they look at the quilts that hang on their walls, and they remember when they made that quilt.  They talk to their friends who still quilt and give them their wisdom. They share their knowledge with the young so that one day they too will become quilters.
What does an old quilter do with her stash?  She sells it to her friends, she gives it to the guild, she sends it to place that will use it to make quilts to help others.

Old quilters never die, because their quilts will live on, with the label of their works.
What will you do when you become old and cannot quilt?

The Slow Quilter


  1. I've actually wondered this very thing lately. My hands don't like it when I try to hand bind a quilt or hand stitch one. I have such a huge stash of fabric, I feel sorry for my kids if they end up having to dispose/donate it all. Let's hope we both have a lot more years to worry about this. :O)

  2. Makes me sad to even think about it! My grandmother participated in a quilter's group in her retirement home until she was 92 years old. I was fortunate to "inherit" her supplies when she passed away a few years ago, including some hand written instructions with pattern piece templates cut from the side of a cereal box. They will be treasured forever and I hope I'm able to use them for as long as she did!