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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No BINGO-Tree-Pedicure-Cat in the Fabric

Well I still only have that one button on my BINGO Card, but maybe they will call something for me tomorrow.

I am outlining my tree, yah had to do that since it is only iron down with steam-a-seam,  don’t want the tree to fall out of it’s frame.  I satin stitched on the inside frame and straight stitched the branches and it is taken some time, I only have a few more to go before and the pictures to the outside.  I am hoping for completion by Friday no later then Sunday, because I plan to give it to my co-worker on Monday.  I already gave her the pillow case that I made.


May for MeMay for Me – I entered the job with the Temptations song “I Wish It Would Rain”.  It was not raining, the song just popped into my head, by mid-morning I wanted to switch to Gloria Gaynor “I Will Survive” since my computer crashed and I had to wait most of the day for the IT people to get me a new one.  But you know I did not wait around for them, I went to the Old Post Office Provolone and got a pedicure (oh SAM_0905my feet feel grate and my toes look good too. (No I do not have my feet on the pancakes, that is just on griddle box.)

When I got home, my internet was out, so had to call the Verizon people to see what the problem was and that took about two hours, put as you can see I am up and running. 

May 1st would have me my mothers birthday (she passed about 3 years ago), and my son thought about it, and wanted to do something special for me, so he treated me to my favorite ice cream from Baskin Robbins (wasn’t that sweet).

Since I am in the sewing room working on the tree, guess who is waiting for me to go upstairs to bed, but Louie who is up in the fabric.  That is one of the reason I keep all my fabrics in binds and what is not in binds I cover them up.  There is nothing worst then having cat fur on your fabric (I do wash my fabric (usually) before I use it).


I have not had my young grandson at the house this week, put he might be back tomorrow.  I do miss him, put I do get a lot of sewing done with him gone.  If I’m lucky, he might say with his aunt (on his father side) the rest of the week, since he will have to go back the weekend anyway, that would be a great May For Me.

Until tomorrow or the next day

The Slow Quilter

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  1. Cool song choices! Sorry to hear about your computers... Nice of your son to treat you to ice cream... nice way to remember your Mom
    Love your toes!