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Wednesday, May 30, 2012



May for Me May is coming to an end, an although I have BINGO on my card I still have not won.  It was fun playing and I have a finished quilt to boot.  I still have a chance for Blackout I hope.  I am missing B- Cupcake; I- Star and Tiger; N- Hearts and Lizard; G- Trees; and O- Butterflies, it is a long shot, but hey it was fund to play.


I have sang my way through may, I have done little things that made me happy and June will really make me happy.  My oldest grandson will be graduating on June 7 from Jr. High to High School, and soon both grandsons will be with their mother.  I will miss them (yah right), I really will.  But it will be nice to have my home to myself with the few grown people still here like my son and stepson and Tom.  I wont have to worry about coming home and fixing dinner every day or cleaning up after the little one, or fighting with him to go to bed.  YAH!!!!!

Another May 4 Me is that I finally was able to have my front porch done.  I took my little income tax check found a reasonable contractor to do the work.  The floor is laid and the banisters will me next.


I still need the upper ceiling and frame to be worked on, put it was important to get the floor done since it was rotten and I was afraid that someone would fall through.  I guess if any extra funds come my way I will have that done next year.  Love those tax refunds, might have to see if anyone wants to give me a couple of dependents.  I don’t want to keep them just need them for a tax write off.

I like to wish you all a happy near the end of May, and may all your Happy May 4 Me Days be as happy all the rest of the year.

Until tomorrow

The Slow Quilter.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your May as well as your Bingo Card - haven't seen or heard anyone say they are close to a black out yet and we will keep calling words till.

  2. Congratulations on your new porch, one project finished! Here's hoping you get a blackout on your bingo card, you're always lucky at bingo.