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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Secret Quilt

It is killing me not to tell you about the quilt I am working on. As you know in an earlier blog, my quilting bee does this quilt challenge every year for Family Day at the recreation center that we meet at. This year’s challenge was to do a traditional quilt block(s) (usually we do art quilts) using the fabric from our stash, and believe me, some of us have enough fabric to open up our own fabric store. The block I chose to do is one I have never done before and always wanted to do. I cannot even show you the fabric I am using, because then they will know what quilt I am doing (also a couple of the girls will probably know anyway since they were with me when I brought the fabric last year, since they are at the age they can barely remember their own names, I hope they forgot the fabric I brought and where). In our challenge, we guess who did what quilt (you know we all have a style that is easily distinguished by others), but when you throw in something new to the mix, then it is hard to tell who did what. For example, a certain block a person likes to do, or fabric and colors they use often, or the style of quilting they usually do on their quilts.  I am not sure if I am reaching far out of my normal style, but I will try.

I did start on the block last night, but tonight since I had a bible study meeting, I will have to try to get back to it on Wednesday.  Luckily Monday is a Holiday and I will be off Tuesday, if things do not get to busy for me, I might be able to finish it by next week, I can only hope.  So no pictures of anything.

Now I need to check out the blogs that I follow to see what has been happening, also I need to check my BINGO quilt to see if I have any new hits yesterday and today.  I could have won I did not even check them yet. 

So until tomorrow

The Slow Quilter


  1. I hardly remember the fabrics I bought last month, so I wouldn't remember what my friends bought a year ago. LOL! Can't wait to see your creation.

  2. I'm having those memory issues you talk about.
    Interesting all of us quilters have growing fabric stashes :D Talk like this makes me feel better about my fabric addiction.
    Can't wait to see you quilt.

  3. You tease us - yes, I sometimes forget, just turning around!

  4. I know just how you're feeling! I'm making 2 surprise gift quilts at the moment and I'm just itching to share them on my blog but can't just yet. Looking forward to seeing your quilt when you're able to share :)