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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


May for Me

It is raining like cats and dogs out tonight. We have had rain for the last 3 days and still have more to come. I am talking flash floods, cable signal out, and If I do not finish this blog the internet might be the next thing out. I thought the the saying went like this “Rain, rain go away, come back another day…Felicia want to go out a play”. Or maybe April showers bring May flowers. It looks like it need to change to May showers brings hummed weather. Yes, by Saturday we will have temperatures in the 90’s and high humidity. All this brings me to the Top 30 Rain Songs. You did not think is was that many? Well they are, and for May 4 Me – I plan to sing snippets of the songs at working in the morning this week. Here are a couple of songs with rain in them. Do you know some.

1. Laughter in the Rain – Neil Sedaka

2. Raindrop – Tripping Daisy

3. Shadows In The Rain – Sting

4. Rainy Days & Mondays – The Carpenters

5. It Never Rain in California – Albert Hammond

6. Rain On My Parade – Bobby Darin

7. I Love A Rainy Night – Eddie Rabbitt

8. No Rain – Blind Melon

9. Rain – Madonna

10. It Must Be Raindrops – David Cassidy

11. Here Comes The Rain Again – The Eurythmic

12. I wish It Would Rain Down – Genesis

13. Kentucky Rain – Elvis Presley

15, Blame It On The Rain – Milli Vanilli (I can just lip sink this)

16. Why Does It Always Rain On Me – Travis

17. Fall Like Rain – Eric Clapton

This is a long list, so I might not get through all of them and I do not feel like typing all 30 songs.

Well, the interlopers that live here in my house, and the stop byes are crying for food and I feel a bit hungry myself, so I will run on down a cook something fast and listen to the rain. Note to self: Make sure the ceiling is linking in the bed room or I will be singing “Rain drops keep falling on my head”.

The Slow Quilter

Well, like I said, it seems that I can not post my blog at this time, it seems the net is out and will have to try again later. It is 7:04 pm down so I will check back later tonight to see if it is working. If you are wondering, I do my blog in Windows Live Writer and it goes right into my blog page. When I do pictures they come faster then doing it in the blog page.

Would you belive it took 2 hours for me to get reconnected to the internet.  I do not want to be on the phone that long with anyone every again.

The Slow Quilter


  1. We had 3 days of rain, too. But it is to clear out tonight. We have stayed with power, etc..., but some neighboring towns went down - and the army helicoptors have bee watching the creek - so many nervous since last fall's flood.

  2. Sunshine and hot weather are coming!

  3. We have had horrible storms here. Power surges. I have no suggestions about blogger. I'm struggling with it myself. I do short simple posts and forget about doing anything fancy with pictures and text. Everything ends up scrambled!