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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Kona Solids In The House


Look at me, 3 back to back blogs in a row.  I am on a roll.  Anyway,  sometime last year, I joined the Kona Solids Club over a Sew Sisters.  Each month I would receive four 1/2 yards of colorful Kona solids to build up my stash.  These colors are great and this is just a sample of what I have in the stash now.


The reason for me to start collecting these solids (other then I needed, or is that wanted) some solids in my stash, is that I wanted to get into the modern quilt craze.   This is the first time that I will have to cut into my wonderful – colorful solids.

Below are the colors that I have chosen for my next quilt for the “See You In September” blog hop.  Which you will have to wait and see in September.


I found a very simple pattern from one of the millions of quilt magazines I have around the house.  I will let you know which magazine and the creature of the pattern during the hop.  Are you sitting on the edge of sit.  The great thing about this quilt will be that I will be quilting it myself.  Yes, it will not be a stitch-n-ditch but a straight line quilting (even I can do that).

I have already cut out the pieces I need for each of the 9 (you only see 8) fabrics and laid it out with the background fabric.  I only need to cut out the backing, batting and binding.  I should finish this quilt by Saturday (I bowl on Friday nights, so no sewing for me).

Until I Blog Again

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Pretty fabrics, Felicia. It is very nice to see you posting again. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone makes for the Blog Hops.

  2. You ever saw fabric and wanted to lick it? Not that that has happened to me or anything!

  3. It's nice to have you back. I like to grab a few solids when there are sales. Occassionally they are for something a little modern (minis), but I like to use them to help 'calm down' busies and uglies.

  4. You are BACK. I love kona solids especially the lime greens, grays and oranges. I am dabbling in the modern quilt phenomenon especially with hexagons. Can't wait to see the finished project.

  5. I'm loving that you're back! I'll have to check out this Kona club thing because I do love Kona!

  6. I used to despise using solids because I felt they were not very forgiving of my machine quilting, since I have improved on those skills I LUV solid! :-)