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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

As The World Turns or General Hospital

The last couple of weeks to me have been like a soap opera.  My world is turning upside down, and most of it is in the hospital.  As most of you know Tom's father passed and the funeral was just a couple of weeks ago.  Tom's mother had a stroke the following week.  She is still in the hospital doing as well as expected, but not able to talk words or understand commands.  She will be going into therapy hopefully this week.

Last Thursday, my stepmother (mother always) took a fall and my father was very upset that he was not able to catch her.  She was sent to the hospital, put she is doing fine also.  Her blood presser was up, but she is taken it easy.

Friday after I got home from work, Tom came in and said he needed me to take him to the emergency room, he was having chest pains.  I tried not to worry, so I dropped him off and went bowling.  I got worry by everything going on, I might in up in the hospital next.  By the time I finish bowling, I went back to the hospital to check on him.  Now I dropped him off around 6:00 pm, I got back to the hospital about 11:30 pm.  They decided to keep him for observation about 2:30 am, I am about to fall over dead tired.

Tom is also doing well, changes to one or two of the medications were needed, he is off sitting with his mother in the hospital.  He came home Sunday and I was able to finish one of my quilts for a blog hop. 

Yesterday (Monday), Charlene and I went to take the quilt to Tomorrow Treasure, so I could have it quilted.  I hope to get it back before hop begins.

And finally, I will be a grandmother again.  Shonta told me she is expecting in February.  If it is a girl, I will be very happy.  If it is a boy, I will deal.  This will be her third child,she has two boys 12 years apart.  Shonta and Darnell are 12 years apart.  Did she not get the memo to stop producing?   Oh well happy days are coming and being a grandma, I will be using everything I have in the sewing room for blankets for the new arrival.  I guess the new one will get the one I started for the other grandchild 5 years ago.   Hey what can I say, I am SLOW.

Keep Well and Keep Quilting
The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. my husband had chest pains and we went to hospital a few years ago and they said it was gerd and that the pain is just alike. so how do you tell if they are having a heat attack?

  2. Wow! What a month for you! Hope everything starts going well and this month is so much better.

  3. Oh my, you have had your share. Hang in there, and we will keep fingers crossed for a girl!

  4. Sending you prayers and good thoughts Felicia! I chuckled at the "stop producing" memo!