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Friday, August 8, 2014

Computer Scams, Black Cat Hop



When I got home yesterday from work, I received a call from a Tech saying that he was from Microsoft Windows Service.  He was saying that they were getting reports that some issue were with my computer and they wanted to look into it and I needed to log into my computer for them to take a look.  Well, I was not born yesterday (although I am young).  Stop laughing.  I told him that I was running out of the house and would call him back.

I gave the Geek Squad a call who I use for all my computer problems and the Tech explain to me that usually these calls are scams, were they get excess to your computer and tell you there is something wrong and they will fix it but will cost you.  Sometime even putting things into your computer to make it not work right.  Thank you Geek Squad.  They check out my computer that was have some slow issues, and fixed it right away.  Everything is running smoothly now.  So watch out for the Computer Scams.


Maywoodmdmsamm copy

Madm Samm is at it again with Wendy of why-knot-kwilt  (what a great play on the words) as the cheerleader for this October Hop “Black Cat Crossing”.  The fabric is by Maywood Studio and it is not just bats, cats or spooky things in the night fabric.  Click on the side bar and check out the fabrics.  Madm Samm has a list of place that you can find the fabric.  I have a few other places you can also find the fabric – Fat Quart Shop, Fabric.com, Keepsakequilting.com and Fabric Depot, just to name a few.

If I keep joining hops, I might not be able to pay the light bill.  Fabric has gone up so high $9 to $10 a yard, and not just $9, but $9.95.  What is that all about. Well if you can’t afford to pay the piper, then stop following him/her around.   I still have money to burn, so I am following.

Hops motivate me to get out there and do my thing and also get me back on track with quilting and blogging.  LOVE IT, MISSED IT.  I am working on my second blog hop quilt as I type this blog.  Yes, I can do two things at one time, the computer is next to the sewing machine (sew a little, blog a little, and read a little).  Hey that is three things at one time.  I must be using a least 50% or my brain power instead of the usual 10%.  Have you seen the move LUCY, brain power is the thing, try to get out and see it or wait for the DVD.

Got to go

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Stupid scammers! It's scary to think how many people actually believe this stuff and let them into their computers. There was a time when I wouldn't have bought fabric unless it was on sale, but since I like to follow the piper I guess I'll just have to keep burning all that money I have sitting around, too. I can't wait to see LUCY!

  2. you are awesome. I am thinking about the blog hop. I guess I need to make a decision soon.

  3. HI!!!! Those people called me too!!!! They got really mean with me when I told them I didn't pay for anything over the phone!!!! The Black Cat Crossing is going to be awesome!!!!! Every one should join in!!!!! hugs