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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I Got A “F” on Crutches

Before I get into my title post, I would just like to say THANK YOU for all the comments I received on my “In Your Words” blog hop.  Don’t you just love hopping along seeing what everyone is doing?  The different words that make you say, yah, that is just like me.  I found out that there are a lot of “Procrastinators” out there and I am not alone.  It is a great feeling when you know that others have the same infliction.  This is the start of the Procrastinators Quilting Club.  And being the procrastinator that I am, I still have not look through my stash to see what I will be giving-a-way.  But not to worry, before this hop is over with you will know, it just might be a gift card so you can pick out your own fabric, YAH!!!!!
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Now to the title post.  I will be going in to the hospital for some in/out knee surgery on Monday.  Boo.  I have been having problems with it for sometime, and during the Thanksgiving holiday I have had fluid and a shots twice and they have not done any good.  After just walking half a block I am in pain and cannot bend the knee, and trying to go to the bathroom (lets just say, I have not missed the stool yet, put have almost falling off).
Today, I went in for my postop work, which included being trained to walk with crutches.  That just was not going to work for me, not enough upper body or arm strength to walk with the dame things.
Hell, just get me home and put me to bed, I don’t plan on going anywhere.  I am just hoping that the guys around will at least through me some food upstairs, since I do not plain to be walking around too soon.  Not sure how long I will be off the leg, put I decided to go back to work today (I was to be off until the 10th), so I can collect some work to do at home.
Since I could not walk with the crutches, they decided that I might be able to work with the walker.
Yes, that is the walker.  My mother has the matching set.  When my son came home and saw it, the first thing that came out of his mouth was “You are not going anywhere with me with that thing”.  You are not an old women.”,  I might not be an old women, but my body is breaking down.  I should have some great funnies to tell after this surgery.
Watch out check out the new wheels.  Another problem with this surgeryA_Colorful_Cartoon_Elderly_Woman_Walking_ is that I might not be able to sew, since it is my right knee, will have to check with the doctor on this, so that means I will have to speed up the time to get my Dresden blocks done.  Marathon quilting on the way.  I will most likely miss my Guild meeting put hoping I will not miss my Bee meeting.  (Charlene, clear out the back seat of the car,  I might have to lay across the seat.)  So I plan to do a lot of cooking this weekend, just so I have something to eat in the house, those boys cannot cook and hopefully they will not eat up everything I cook.
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  1. Hi!!! Hope you have a quick recovery!!!! The walker may be best or maybe after the first few days a cane might work...crutches are hard on you and kill your underarms and shoulders!! Keep us posted!!!

  2. Hope you have a speedy recovery! I like your Procrastinators Quilting Club. Maybe that could be one of Madame Samms new blog hops!! LOL!

  3. Oh no...wishing you a speedy recovery and if you need anything let me know.

  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery. like your planning - I had a shoulder replacement done last Aug - am on the med :) and went thru the planning stage because I didn't know how much I could do. I made sure I had a few hand stitching projects on hand to keep me from going crazy before I got back to my machine. I rediscovered my love for embroidery and applique.
    Speedy recovery - I will come back to see your progress - I know you will be amazed!

  5. I am so sorry to hear that you are having surgery. I hope everything goes well and you are up and about very soon.
    I don't think I could walk on crutches either. I would probably loose my balance and fall flat on my face.
    My sister has been having problems with her knee, but thankfully, the shots are helping hers.I wish it could have been the same for you.
    You may not be able to sew, but you can get lots of reading done. Do you like to hand sew? you could make hexes or maybe do some hand embroidery or applique. That would keep you occupied with something to do.
    Take care and I will keep you in my prayers.
    (I want to be in your Procrastinators Quilt Club).

  6. Wishing you all the best. You need a hand project so you don't have withdrawal. Have you ever tried the hexagons?

  7. Best woshes for a speedy recovery.

  8. I know a knee takes a long time to heal, but keep thinking, "the worst is over". I hope you get back to yourself soon. Take care

  9. I am so sorry to hear about your surgery but hey lots of time for reading lol. I wasn't going to join anymore blogs but you sound like fun so what is one more. Will be praying for a speedy recovery. Blessings Sandra

  10. I'm sorry you have to get surgery. Don't worry too much about needing a walker for awhile. I needed one when I was about 7 months pregnant. The baby was so large my ligaments stretched so badly I couldn't walk without excruciating pain and thus the walker. I was embarrassed at the time because I am an "old mommy" but using the walker I could get to the bathroom. :)

  11. wishing you a speedy recovery and health in this new year ..... I hope this is far far in my future( I know it will be as I have to wear a brace for my knee as of this fall and that is what I was told)
    take care
    in stitches

  12. Okay, are you sporting those crutches yet? or rocking that walker? Hope to see you next weekend..... keep on recovering.