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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Resting Up



 Well tomorrow I will be out in the cold to visit the doctor to check out the knee.  I’m not sure if you are getting the clip art, put it is moving, isn't that great.  Hope my knee is moving as good as his is.

I am not sure but I kind of winched by back yesterday so that when I got up this morning I was in pain, so I thought I would take it easy by just sitting in my bedroom with a great back messaging machine and a heating pad and a pain pill.   I was able to just sit and watch T.V. while sewing on my binding, along with working on newsletters, and working from home.  My back is feeling really good now and so is my knee since I have not been up on it much today.

The weather here in D.C. is getting very cold and the temperature is dropping.  We still have not had any snow, put it will be coming and when it does they will be shutting down the city.  We still do not know how to handle a lot of snow.  I am glad I am here in my nice cold/little warm house.

I am ready to hit the bed, not to sleep put to watch more T.V. and read.  I been sitting in this chair since I got up this morning, and my backside is feeling more flatter then it already is.  So I will sign off, on check out some blogs before I hit the sack.

Until tomorrow

The Recovering Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Cute moving clip art :D
    Hope the doctor can help your knee tomorrow.

  2. Love the clip art! Hope everything goes well at the doctors office.
    I live in the South so when it snows here, everything closes down. We haven't had any yet though. All we have had is rain, wind and cold. It would be nice to have a little snow- maybe for a day or two!
    Have a great day!

  3. Hope you feel better. Your clip art is such fun! So cold here in Massachusetts. Single digits all day plus wind. Good day to stay indoors!

  4. Felecia -- best of luck wiht your dr's apt. NC shuts down when it snows also so I know what your talking about -- the local station is covering the cold weather with live shots in preparation for the wintery mix we are expecting on Friday.

  5. Hope your mending quickly :) & stay warm!

  6. Oh sweetie... please watch the knee! Hope tomorrow's stuff goes well. Perhaps the cold is aggravating it a bit?