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Monday, March 18, 2013

Pay it Forward–Come And Play



Back in February, Gene Black-Alabama Artist asked for 3 participants to join him in Paying it Forward.  I was number three and he sent me this lovely turtle mug rug, Thank you Gene, I just love it and it is sitting on my bedroom nightstand.

Now that I have received my pay if forward gift, I need to pay it forward to three more people within a year to keep this going.  I will pick 3 people who comment on this post by Friday, March 23rd.  And like Gene, I would like to make something just for you that you will enjoy, so I have a short questionnaire.

1.  What are your favorite colors or color combinations?

2.  Would you like a coin purse or a mug rug?

3.  Would you like a 12 1/2” un-quilted block of your choice with your color combination?

4.  What do you collect (as you know I am a turtle collector)?

I cannot think of anything else to ask you, so please be a sport and pay it forward.

Love In Quilting

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. felicia this does sound like good fun. I love making things for others and getting squishy mail. My favorite color is raspberry pink, with black and white. Mug rug vs coin purse is a toss up for me because they both serve excellent purposes. I collect Alice in wonderland and breast cancer awareness things.

  2. I was hoping someone would pick me. My favorite color is teal blue, with pink, purple, and glitter. I collect angels and rabbits, but I really need a coin purse that will hold bank card and drivers licence in it. I like kitschy things like doll faces too. Hope that's not too hard of a list Felicia.

  3. Sorry I am late to comment. I would love to pay it forward. I am in the U.K. is that a problem? I love mugrugs, gardening, reading, cats, owls in fact I would be thrilled to receive anything.