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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Noah (The Movie) & Quilting

First I would like to wish all of you a very Blessed and


 Happy Palm Sunday.

When I started righting this blog to tell you about Noah the new movie that is out, I was full of negative thoughts.  But as I see it the movie itself brought me to think on how the person who wrote this move (Darren Aronofsky) is like a quilter who makes a quilt.

My Bible Study group went to see Noah on Saturday.  I ran into my quilt buddy Linda (Eat, Sleep, Quilt) as she was leaving the move from seeing it I asked her how was it.  Her reply “Their was an Ark and there was Water”, and left it at that.

“Noah is not the story you learned in Sunday school. On the contrary, this vital interpretation of one of the Bible's most popular tales is a powerful and provocative work of art that fearlessly uses Noah's story as a springboard to explore complex themes of faith and the sins of man rather than another excuse to simply walk us through the motions once more.” (Reviewer Jason Buchanan)

Mr. Aronofsky, took his artistic license with the Biblical story of Noah like we as quilters take artistic licenses in making our quilts.  We  change the colors and scopes of a traditional quilt and make it totally different from the pattern and make it beautiful in our eyes and maybe others.  So has he produce a film that most of our Christian hearts will rebel against.  You will either like it or not, or it will get you talking more about it, and it has.

As  my Caleb's Bible class discussed this film today, we went, through the scriptures of the Bible to pull out what was truth and what was totally unbelievable in the move.  Will someone who does not follow the teachings/reading of the Bible take this move as truth or just another way of entertaining the masses?  Hopefully, just a entertaining film.  I would never tell you to not go see the movie, it would be a waste of money and time.  But you should see it for yourself and draw your on conclusion.

I leave you now with my most favorite Quilters Poem:

'Holes In My Quilt'

As I faced my Maker…at the time of judgment
I knelt…in front of my Lord…with others there… along side of me.
In the distance hanging… on golden lines
Quilts…some as beautiful as beautiful could ever be.
My pile of squares now lay in front of me
As an Angel… took each piece to sew.
But mine were quite ragged and lacking color
And filled… with giant holes.
Each piece had written… labels on them
Indicating parts of my life…that had been difficult.
The challenges and temptations…I faced everyday in my life
Each one now…the Angel took.
I glanced around…and no one else had squares like mine
Other than a tiny hole… here and there.
Threadbare and filled with holes
Was mine… as I gazed upon each square.
Finally the time came when each life was displayed
Held up to…Heaven’s holy light.
The scrutiny of the truth…
In each viewed…tapestry
Those faded…ragged patches… of my life.
My gaze dropped to the ground in shame
Of all earthly fortunes… had.
Yet love and good health… were some of mine remembered
Which made me feel proud… and yet so sad?
I had spent many a night… on my knees
Asking God for guidance in my life.
To muster up the strength I needed
To be a better servant…a better mother…a more loving wife.
While I stood and lifted…the combined squares of my life to the light
The light filtered through each hole
There viewed was the face of Jesus Christ.
For all present to behold.
Then our Lord stood before me
With warmth and love in His eyes.
“Every time you gave your life over to me… my child
Each point of light…was when you stepped aside.”
“Allowing my light to shine through
Until there was more of me… than you.”
May all God’s children’s quilts… be filled with holes
Allowing the light of Jesus Christ… to shine on through.
By: Linda Winchell

May you be blessed in all things

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)

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  1. We are still debating about whether or not we should see the movie in the theater or wait until it comes out in dvd. I've always loved that poem -- thanks for sharing it.