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Monday, April 28, 2014

Falling Off of Jacob’s Ladder–Ripping

Sorry you have not heard from me lately, I have been busy finishing off my Bee’s 10th Anniversary blocks.  I also lost the charger to my camera, but just order another should be in soon.  I am taking pictures with my phone, which I was not sure how to get them off, but found out that then download to my Google account.

In my last post I mention that I was working on a black/white Jacob’s Ladder in honor to my grandmother.  Well I have started it, I cut up 86 half square triangles 86 four patches.

J Ladder 2

As you can see from this fuzzy picture above I am on a role with my first 2- 12 1/2” each blocks, put when it came to the third below, I fell off the ladder and end on the floor.  What the hell is this?

  J Ladder 1

I think I have my half square triangles turned wrong, so I will have to rip this block apart and fix it.  It is the third block in the first row.  Below is a fuzzy picture of a completed triangle.

J ladder 3

They are not sewn together yet, just on the design wall.  I am hopping to get this finished and quilted before our June Family Day at the center we work out of.

Here are some of the exchange blocks that some of the ladies in the Bee turned in.  If this first picture is moving around, I do not know why, something with the phone pictures some time does something like a movie.  Could be me.

exchange 1exchange 2

Soon as I get my blocks laded out I will take a pictures, just waiting for my camera charger to come in.  I will have to have this finish by June also for the event.

So as I clime the Jacob’s Ladder, I will blog with you soon.


The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. Love the B/W ladders - I think anyone who has done this block has had that oops. Loven all the 10th blocks!!

  2. I love your black & white blocks. I've started one in browns & creams -- one of these days I will get back to it. It will be fun to see all your Bee blocks and what you do with them.