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Monday, May 20, 2013

The Inability To Quilt/Blog


As I know you have notice that I have not blogged or shown anything I have been doing lately.  That is because I feel like that commercial :


This is your brain, this is your brain on drugs.  These eggs looks fried, I feel like mines is scrabbled.


Since my last marathon sewing project for the church, I just seem like I cannot get back into the sewing room, every time I start to get a project out to do, I put it back and go to bed.  I don’t know if it is the job or the medication I have changed over to (might be the meds).

Well I might be on the mend since I have just gotten home from work and started my blog before I even go up stair to change clothes, I hoping that I will even start a new project.

Although I have not been quilting or blogging, I have been keeping up with all of the blogs and leaving comments when I can.  I have even join 2 blog hops.

The Tammy  Bag (which I have already made the out side and working on the lining, and the closures just came in last week) and the Stamp on it blog hop.


My summer bowling league started last Friday and I must say that has woke me up.  So much is going on while we bowl that you cannot help put have fun.

My son Darnell is appearing in the ensemble cast of The Washington National Opera production of “Show Boat” at The Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts here in D.C.  What a proud mother I am.

I am waiting for him to send me some pictures from backstage of some of the cast photos.  Here he is when he was in Romeo et Juliet.

Darnell R&JDarnell Romeo et Juliette

Oh!! I almost forgot to show you what I got from the Sew & Quilt Expo in Baltimore.


This is the Slice.  It is a great little tool and came with all these stuff.  It was a great show deal so keep your eyes out for it.  Here is a video on it http://www.slicecrafts.com/teen.html and you can also go to the web site www.slicecrafts.com.   I know I saw this on some ones blog, but cannot remember were and I started to get it then, but glad that I waited for a show deal.


 I even made a pair of ear rings and have a necklace someone brought me back for Africa that will match it.


Well, if I am going to get sewing done tonight I will have to cut this short.   More things to come this week.

Happy Quilting to All of you

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. You'll be back in the groove soon.

  2. I feel that fried too. It will come back, just relax and breathe.

  3. WOW! You have a lot going on! Completely understandable! Your son looks handsome in his costume. And please pass on my wishes to him on his upcoming performance at the Kennedy Center. What an honor!

    Hang in there, dear. Things will settle in due time.

  4. Good to hear from you, Felicia. I think med changes can be the cause of many periods of readjustment in our lives. Looks like you had fun at the quilt show. I have never seen a Slice and shall enjoy seeing what you make with this. You have a very talented and handsome son. Bowling sounds like a Makes every day feel like Mother's Day, doesn't it? Looking forward to your blog projects ... :) Pat

  5. lol ... the cat walked across my keyboard and posted my message in progress while I was correcting my typos and such ... thanks, cat!

    Anyway ... Bowling sounds like a good time and fun and exercise is a good way to unscramble our senses sometimes ... :) pat

  6. Happy to see that you are back. We all go through a slump sometimes. I am not doing as much either and I need to be doing something. You know I am a gadget girl...got to get a slice. Not sure what to do with it yet, but hopefully a vendor will have it at our show next week. Take all the time you need and feel better.

  7. Welcome back! The past few months I wasn`t finishing my sewing or much else for that matter.. I started drifting from project to project. I found out a week ago I have asthma. It just wore me out but it came on so slow I didn`t have a clue. Well, I`m finally sewing again and feel much better.

    Congratulations to your son for sharing his great talent. Showboat has been a favorite of mine a long time! My favorite song from the show is "Old Man River". Your blog is always a pleasure to read.