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Friday, May 10, 2013

I Am Back!! What Have I Been Doing?

O.K.  yes I have been missing from blogging for the last what 3 weeks.  I ran into one of my Bee girl friends at the Sew & Quilt Expo in Baltimore yesterday (more about that)  and she asked me if I was still pissed off with Mother Nature.  I realized I really needed to get back to blogging befor you all forgot about me.

As you know I was working on a project for my church for Ladies Day, I did not take many pictures, put most of all my Red Skin items sold.

The first row of bags are creations from a most fabulous Fiber Artist Sandy Hassan who is also a friend and Bee member.  She was helping me out by giving me some of her bags to sell.  Check out her website and see what she has been doing.

The other bags below are the ones that I did.  The blue/gold/black bag is the Bermuda Bag designed by Nancy Green of Pink Sand Beach Designs.


As I mention I went to the Sew & Quilt Expo that was moved from Chantilly, VA to Baltimore.  I took the MARC train over to Baltimore which was a 35 minute ride and the Circular bus was free and let me off just a 1/2 block away for the Convention Center.  I most say it was a disappointment.  The vendors that I was look forward seeing there were not there and there was not much to get excited about, not even the fabric, which was like $10.75 a yard – OH MY!!!! 

The most complaint I was hearing was the parking, which was $30 and having to walk 3 to four block to the Convention Center.

My Guild did have some quilt up for show.


Here are some other quilts from other artist.


And for all you Bee members look who I saw at the show.


Gwen Hunt.  Yes she was there and we walked around the show together.  She had a day off for a change.  It was good seeing her, and hope that she will get a Saturday off to join us at the meetings again.

Well have have some other things to show you from the show that I made while I was at the show and what I brought, but I will save that until tomorrow.  I have to run off to the Bowling meeting.  YAH!!! It is Friday Night Bowling season from May until August and I am looking forward to getting back with my team and having fun on Friday Nights.

So I am Back Bloggers and happy to Blog once again.

The Slow Quilter



  1. Bad timing on the venue as most of the vendors are at Spring Market right now - wow, $30 for parking is robbery!

  2. I missed you! $30 for parking? major YEOUCH!

  3. $30 is horrific parking fees. I was in a snit over paying $18 a day for convention parking when I was staying in the hotel at ove $150 a night, and them charging $18 a day for internet access. It was the last time I went to Providence RI for a convention.
    I must way our sewing expos in Denver continue to disappoint. Everything is tired and dated. Same vendors nothing new. Not worth the gas driving to the show anymore. Could it be we have just seen too much! LOL!

  4. Nice to see you back, $30 seems an awful lot to add to the other expenses of a trip out. Here in the U.K. we have grotty cold, wet and windy weather, when it should be much nicer. It really is a rotten spring after a long winter.

  5. What a fun post....love the bags, quilts and wonderful inspiration!!