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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tumbling Block Complete–Tool Review


We hit 80 this morning.  I was looking for something to wear to work.  OMG!!! I need to hit the stores and buy me some clothes, or dig around and find my summer wear.  Don’t want to change to fast since the weather is playing tricks on us.  In the west the temperature is like 11 degrees.

I rocked to some old school mix while butting my blocks together.  I was in the grove, dancing to the ironing board to the tunes on YouTube.  I have great computer speakers.


This the completed block, I only need to add the boarders and I have a idea and a tool I brought last year to try it (more on that).


I must say that this Q tool was the best thing I could have gotten to finish this block.  See the little square tips, they help you cut of the tips of the blocks and help you line up your pieces.  Without it, I was doing a lot of ripping to get the pieces aligned.


Now I had this tip cutters from Fons & Porter, put since they were not 60 degree I was off in cutting the tips off.  The Q tool was made for this.

There is nothing more satisfying then having the right tool to get the right results when you working on a quilt.  So if you have never done the new way for tumbling blocks I would suggest you try the Marci L. Baker’s way, Not Your Grandmother’s Tumbling Blocks and the ABC 3-D Tumbling Blocks.  The Clearview 60 degree ruler 8”, 10” and 12” rulers are a great thing to have for this also.

Now about the boarder.  I was so hyped up last night with the music and completing the the block, I set back and just looked at it on the design wall and thought to myself, “self why not try out that other ruler you have to make a nice board”.  Well, I went to get the ruler and it was not were I thought is was.  I even looked for it in other places, not there.  At this point I wanted to scream to the Quilt God and ask “WHY ME”.  I refuse to let this sit in the UFO Box. No. Not Going to Happen. 

I’ve been looking at this particular ruler for months, and now that I want to use it, I cannot find it.  It is here somewhere, and I will find it.  Maybe not tonight, but by the weekend.  It is time for me to clean up my sewing area anyway.  I have been cutting on the dinning room table because my cutting table is full of books fabric and other stuff.  I need to put my fabric in order.  The most hated word in my vocabulary is ORGANIZE.

So until I find that ruler, I have to get back to you on my border.

The Unorganized Quilter

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. It turned out fantastic!! I have to get one of those rulers...are they expensive?? I know; it doesn't matter, if it works....lol

  2. Your tumbling block looks great! Good luck and have fun cleaning your sewing area. You never know what treasures you might find besides the lost ruler.

  3. I love it! I'll have to look for those tip cutters. I struggle when piecing triangles.

  4. Your tumbling blocks look great, I'll have to check out the link to Marci's pattern. I hope you find your ruler!

  5. Good luck with finding the ruler. Normally when I am looking for one thing, I find several of my lost, misplaced items. Like you tumbling blocks, I need to buy that ruler.

  6. I'm sorry but I had to laugh when I read that you were looking for 'the ruler'! The other night I was looking for a pillow template and knew I'd seen it not too long before. Where was it? I went through every drawer, nook, and cranny in my sewing room TWICE - nada!! I was so frustrated; I decided just to come back a bit later. As I walked by my cutting table - there it was! You must be kidding me?! Nope, it was certainly there - standing on one of the wooden slots of my ruler organizer. Good grief! I refuse to call it a senior moment.