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Friday, August 3, 2012

My Wickedly Easy B&W Quilt

Well I have been running around all the blog hops to check out other bloggers projects such as:  If you have not check them out please do.

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I promised to show you my Black & White Wickedly Easy Quilt that I sent out to have quilted.


 I’m not sure if you can see the quilting well in this, but it is beautiful.  The quilt is 72x87 with no boarder.  It was quilted by Barbara S. Bregman of Silver Spring, MD of Lupine Longarm Quilting and if you every what her to do any quilting for you, you can reach her at lupinelogarmquilting@ gmail.com or call 301-367-6142.  Thank you Barbara, I love it.

The is the largest quilt that I have ever done, and it was so easy to do.  If you have not tried a Wickedly Easy Quilt the pattern is free on the net and it comes in different sizes.  I have seen this quilt done by my fellow quilters in African fabric, batiks and others. I am thinking of digging in the fabric and doing another one.

My to do list for the Month is getting very long.

1.  Cut the binding out for the Wickedly Easy

2.  Finish the bag I started before I went on the trip.

3.  Start sewing on the bag that I cut out.

4.  Start on two bags for a church member.

5.  Get started on my Dot to Dot blog hop block.

6.  Catch up on my Craftsy BOM July, August and some other month I have to look for.

This list is not long, put I have some other things in my head that I need to get to before the end of next week.  I think I am well rested since I have been coming home and sleeping, so I should be ready to roll on Saturday.

So what are you working on?

The Busy, Sleepy, Lazy, Slow Quilter




  1. I love black and white quilts, Felicia - yours is gorgeous! I finished the blocks for a black and white and lime green string quilt a while ago - I really should put that quilt together and get it finished!

  2. I like your B&W quilt! I have fabric set aside for one, but I haven't picked a pattern for it yet.

  3. Beautiful quilt! As one who collects black and white fabrics I love it and the quilting is lovely too!

  4. I love it. Now I have to put one of these on my bucket list. I have way too quilts swimming around in my head.