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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NYB Completed

Before I get into the completion of my BOM New York Beauty, I like to show you my set up.  When I come home from work, I usually come in the door and go straight to the kitchen and start dinner (that is, at least, if I plan to feed any one around here).  I always make sure that I have something for my grandson to eat since he is only 2 yrs. old, the other grown folks around here can fix there own.  Since my daughter (who will be moving soon, YAH) usually does not fix anything before she goes to work.  Then I head up stairs to my bedroom, where I might not ever leave until the next morning.  So I brought up one of my sewing machines so if I felt like sewing I did not have to go to my sewing room and be interrupted my the foot traffic downstairs.

SAM_0737 I have the sewing machine, makeshift ironing station, my computer to watch sewing videos and do my blog when I have finished sewing and download my photos.  I have the TV to catch up on my taped shows and my bed to fall into when I finish and the bathroom right next door.  I have a easy clean up, since trying to keep my bedroom clean, it makes me put my sewing things away.

SAM_0738 I also have this great puzzle mat that I can put together or just use one mat to cut my fabric.  This is a great thing to carry on retreats and classes because it comes with its own carrying case and it is compact.  You can look on line for puzzle mat, I got mines from Amazon.


Now for the NYB completion.  I like to give my thanks to Robin (Livin Blue Quilter), Sarah (Under the Presser Foot) and Jean (Jean Creates) for sending their suggestion for my background fabric chose.   Last night after my blogging, I decided to not stress about the background and use the lime green for the center and the multi-colored fabric for the arc.

I am not a pinner, I only pin when I have seams that need to be matched up and I use as few as possible.  To attached my curve blocks, I used my handy dandy Curve Master Foot.  If you don’t know about this foot or you have never heard of it, or you seen it put did not buy it, then you do not know what you are missing. 

curve master presser foot This foot makes putting in curve piece a snap.  You get a perfect 1/4” seam with out the guess work going around the curve.  No Pins Are Needed.  If you would like to know more about it check out this web site www.curvemater.biz or see the video on YouTube.

SAM_0741 You start with a few stiches to start off, then hold that curve up and follow it around still holding it up and it falls right in place with out pinning.  I could not hold the camera and sew at the same time.


Here is the YouTube video on using this curve foot.

Curve Maters

SAM_0740  What I did do is tap down the seams so they would not flip as I sewed.  This was a great help in keeping my seams in the right direction.




So Now I present you with my completed NYB Block.


SAM_0745  I could not get a good picture of this, put on to flicker it will go.  I must say that this block was easy to do once you get started.  I think I might make it again soon.  I have not picked out a color palate for these Beauties yet, I am just going with the flow of the fabrics that I have.


I have now completed 2 BOM projects, I am prod that I an trying to keep up.  Now back to finishing UFOs and making more flimsies until the next BOM comes (that will be the NYB on March 12th)  I will be ready.  I am still working on my secret quilt for June and Mother’s Day quilt for a girl friend and working to finish the exchange block quilt that I was working on earlier.  So I have a lot to do.

It is still early, just 9:14 p.m., I think I can fit in something before I have to go to bed.  It is payday week for me, I think I can buy a book to put on my Kindle.  So I will blog with you later.

The Slow Quilter


  1. OMG! Your blocks are FAB!!! I've only got 3 of my 4 done so far. I don't pin either - but I don't have that foot. Looks cool, thanks for the link, I'm gonna check it out.

  2. Wowee zowee!

    A little trick I learned with NYB blocks and the curvemaster is starch the arcs after picking out the papers and before sewing -- the starch helps prevent seams from flipping up under the foot.

  3. This block is nice! Love the color combination!