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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Quilt Finish, I Want To Cry- Burnt Fries

I have finally finish the quilt, and I just want to cry.  Why, because I washed the darn thing and some of the signature blocks faded.  Other than that the quilt came out great.  One of my church friends pick it up and will go over the words with a permanent marker.  This is what happens when people do not follow instructions, even when you hand them the pen to use.


Now it is time to get started on another project.  My Quilting Bee is celebrating its 10th Anniversary, which was back in November, with exchange blocks.  If you follow Eat, Sleep, Quilt with Linda you might have seen some of the blocks she is working on.  They are to be 12-1/2” blocks done anyway we want as long as it has the number 10 on it.  They are due at our April meeting and I think I have 12 or 14 to make.  I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO DO ---- HELP.  Please send me some suggestions…


Here is one of my ideas that I embroidered.  I do not think I can make 14 of these, takes up too much thread, I might just do 3 or 4 and watch them fight over it.  So send me suggestions.


Did you know I write a blog newsletter for my group The Wee Bee Quilters please check it out, I only write once a month.


While I was reading through some blogs, I forgot I had put the fries on for dinner and burnt them.  Now I have to go and make mash potatoes to go with the meal.  Can’t do two things at once, at least I did not burn the chicken this time.

The Slow Quilter (Felicia)


  1. I can't do anything else if I have something on or in the stove - or I forget it and burn it. Sorry your quilt did a fade out - yes, people just don't pay attention and nice of your friend to fix the problem. For your ideas on the number ten - do a google search of images in characature.

  2. Hi Felicia....sorry about the fries AND the washed out signatures. At least those are being fixed. You know, since Linda is doing cake as one of her "10", how about ice cream? You could do 10 scoops all piled in a bowl. The scoops would all be different fabrics and that would be a fun way to use up some scraps. Hopefully you can come up with some fun ideas.....April is coming very quickly!

  3. Doesn't that make you sad...I hope going over the lettering with a permanent marker works. How about the word 10 in different languages? Spanish, French, Swahili, etc. Sorry about the French fries.