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Friday, March 23, 2012


Yes, TGIF, and it has been a long week for me.  After getting out of the sick bed, I was back at work trying to catch up.  Coming home in the evening and dealing with my grandson, cooking, and still looking through fabrics for my next NYB and fabric for my BINGO card quilt.  Where do I find the time for all this.  I am already too tired to even think about all I need to finish in the next two months, and my daughter still has not moved out and might not fully movie until the end of the school year in June.

cvr_catching_firecvr_mockingjay_newI finished the second book in the Hunger Game series this evening when I got home.  The movie came out today and I hope to see it by next week.  The final book is Mocking Jay, I will have to check with one of my girl friends to see if they have it, or wait until next month to borough it from the Kindle library.  (Saving money for fabric).

SAM_0759This is the fabric I chose for my next NYB block.  I know that is is not popping colors as the last two blocks, put I like to dots.  Who knows, buy the time it get to cut it out, I might just change it.



SAM_0758These are the fabrics for by BINGO blocks, B is Blue; I is yellow; N is red; G is green; and O is purple.  As you can see I only have 2 of each for B, I and O.  Still looking for other shapes a colors, might have to see what I can get from my Wee Bee Quilters group tomorrow.


Spring is here and we all know what that means, spring cleaning inside and out.  Now I am not the gardening type so my front/back yards are a mass.SAM_0755SAM_0757

Where does all the weeds come from, I know I had grass at one time, down it seems everything is weeds and crabgrass.  Since I do not have a law mower, and I do not think the weed whacker is going to do anything for that back yard, I will have to wait until one of the guys come around and ask do you want your grass cut, what do you think.  Since I do not have any down time to do it myself (lack of equipment) then I will have to wait.  I also thought if it rains, I could go out with a pick axe and dig up the ground a reseed it, but that is a wish and a pray.  Not the rain, the digging.

I wont even take a picture of the front porch that needs a lot of work and I am hopping to get that done this summer, so I should not try to reseed the front yard yet until I have the front porch done anyway.

I hope to have lots of picture from show and tell tomorrow from my Quilt Meeting.  I know we will have food and since the weather might be a little rainy tomorrow, I do not plan to take my sewing machine, I think find something that I need to cut out or fuse.

So until tomorrow my dear quilting friends

The Slow Quilter.

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  1. I haven't gotten to this weeks NYB yet :( - I did go to the Hunger Games with my BFF yesterday. Never went to a big movie on opening day before, and now that I have, I won't be doing it again! LOL! but the movie was great! Two thumbs down to the spring cleaning! But it's gotta be done! :)