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Monday, March 5, 2012

March Madness

I guess you thought I was not going to blog again since I was so hot and heavy on it for the last two months, but I needed to take a break and take a rest.  Working and trying to come home to cook and sew took a lot out of me.  So I am back on the sewing machine and computer.

As you know I am doing the BOM Craftsy (http://www.craftsy.com/) which gave me the motivation to get started again.  the two block this month was String Block and the Broken Spider Web which are both foundation pieced with strips. 


So I look through my stash of fabrics and found that I had some strips form one of my UFOs that I have not finished put is on my list.  Since I am doing my BOM in batiks this was great to use, so after church Sunday I pulled every thing together to put my blocks together.


This is the string block and the other is the broken spider web.


Here is a little tip for those of you are are doing the BOM.  On the Broken Spider Web block I found that even if you use different strip widths that they should be the same on both side.  If you start off with a 2.5” block on one side do so on the others, then it does not make a difference on the others.  It make the star in the center look even.  That is just my opinion.

Next months block is English Paper piecing, which I am not looking forward to.  I have never done it before, put I do not think I will like it, but since I am trying new things this year, I will at least try it.

I also started this month a BOM The New York Beauty and that Started today.  The first block is on Kim’s blog (http://gogokim.blogspot.com/) which is this scrappy beauty below.


This is also foundation piecing, and yes I am doing this on copy paper.  I am using smaller stitches and folding the paper on the stitches making it easy for the paper to come off.




Well I must say that I never had so much problems put this thing together.  As you can see the example block is scrappy.  I am using multi-colored fabric with lime green.

SAM_0730 So my first mistake was putting the same color strip on top of each other.  This would not matter if I was doing a scrappy because the same strips would not be put together like below.  This is not the look I was looking for.


SAM_0732So I pulled that piece apart and add the green to make is look right.  I have one more arc to make and two sides to redo.  Since this will take a little more time, I will not be able to show you the finish block until tomorrow night.  I also have to decided my background fabric on this, should it be black or white or some other color.  I might need your help on that.

Good news for March, my daughter is moving out. YAH!!!  She gotten an apartment way across town.  She has been leaving with me for 10 years, with two grandchildren.  I think I will like my grandchildren more once they are not in my house.  I can be a great grandmother, having them come to visit, taken them out. Doing all the grandma things.  With them leaving with me, they just get on my last nerve, rounding around the house, built-in baby sitter, having to feed them.  All the things I had to do with my own kids.  I really will miss them, but I will miss her rent more.  I might have to change my name again to THE POOR QUILTER.  I want have that extra money to buy fabric, put I guess I will find it somewhere.  I still have a son at home, maybe I can get some funds out of him.

March Madness

The Slow Quilter


  1. Thanks for the tip on the string blocks. I haven't braved those (or the NY beauty)yet. Amen on doing grandma things. I just wish my granddaughter was closer, rather than across the country.

  2. Ok, is she moving way-way 'cross town? or just way 'cross town? Like is your pantry still gonna be her one-stop mini mart? LOL! I've got one of those, she lives two towns over and STILL! :) I had fun with my 1st NYB block yesterday - I don't know why I was so intimidated to try it earlier. Absolutely LOVE your fabric choice! Do I see a rusty-brownish color in the print?? Maybe pull some of that into the background? Whatever you choose - I'm sure it's gonna be BEAUTY-ful!

  3. One day I have to tell you about the daughter who came home from college, told me not worry that she was only going to be home a year. Stayed 10 years and had a baby. I love your NYB block. I wouldn't use black because of the dark brown print. I agree with Sarah, maybe pull one of the lighter colors from that print. I think I see a dark orange or maybe a blue. I love the lime green, which I refer to as the new black. Have fun with it.