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Sunday, March 25, 2012

No Sew Sunday


Well this is a no sew Sunday for me.  Would you believe that Friday night after I posted my blog that I feel sick again.  Yes, even though I was taken the antibiotics the doctor gave me, I should have also been take a decongestion.  My throat was sore and I had a slight fever, but I went to my Wee Bee Quilt meeting on Saturday anyway.

SAM_0770 I had called a couple of my quilting friends requesting for novelty fabric for my BINGO blocks and received a lot.  I will go through them this week to get my blocks together.  I also had help with cutting my sweat-shirt to start on that.


After taken a Zyrtec after the meeting I just crawled into bed since I did not sleep well the other night.  I did make it to church today, and I was glad because it lifted my spirit.  The Children Choir had tears in my eyes, and the Spirit of the Lord in my soul, and I think I needed this today.

Since I have not been eating well during my on/off again illness, I had a taste for mac & cheese hand came home from church to make some.  Boy was it cheesy and good.  My Netflix move came in The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn.  I have not read the Stephanie Meyer’s books, but I have been following the movies and enjoying them.  But this near the end last movie has gotten me wanting to read this last book.  I’ll have to check to see if anyone has it.

I am watching Once Upon a Time while Harry’s Law is taping, and I must get my clothes together for work tomorrow.  With the changing weather you never know what to put on.  Here in D.C. all last week we had weather up in the 70’s and this weekend is cloudy and rainy.  Since we have not had a cold winter, I think a lot of us will be sick more often thin usual since we did not have the cold weather and snow that would clean the earth.

So keep well my quilting friends – Until tomorrow

The Slow Quilter.


  1. Oh no... Have you changed your toothbrush? That may reinfect you if you don't do it. Stay rested. Hugs!

  2. AlthemeseBMarch 27, 2012

    I agree with Jean don't forget to change your toothbrush. That would help you in the long run in the healing process. I am glad to hear you are on the mends. I missed you at Uhuru as the Auctioneer for the Ugly fabric auction. Hope to see you in April.

  3. I'm sorry to hear that you are still fighting congestion, sore throat and fever. Might be all the pollen. Our levels are five times higher than our highest recorded levels in past years. Our odd weather is beginning to concern me, too.
    Take care of yourself. Rest.
    As far as Once Upon A Time, I'm getting sick and tired of that evil witch/mayor getting the best of another Story Brook resident/fairy tale person every Sunday night! I can't believe I got addicted/suckered into watching this show every week!