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Monday, March 19, 2012

Blame It on the Drugs (NYB Disaster)

As you know I was home sick last week with a high fever. Although I was feeling just little bit better, I was still having head congestion and lack of sleep. I went back to work and by Thursday, I was back at home from another fever and sore throat. This was the time to call in the Dr. and get some better drugs. Even then I still tried to sew when I was still using decongestions that make you drossy. I was working on my second New York Beauty Block.

SAM_0754I must say, this block kicked my ass. Like I said, I will have to blame this on the fever and drugs. Because the block was a lot of work and fabric waste. I do understand that in paper piecing that you do have some fabric waste, but since I am not a scrappy quilter yet, after this one I will have to be.  Hey Linda, (Eat. Sleep, Quilt) do you want my scraps?  Let me know.

I was tired of lying in the bed, I  could not concentrate on reading any books or looking at t.v. I cut out my pieces for each quarter block, no big deal there, I picked out the fabric I wanted to use (sorry no picture, did not feel like looking for the camera). I did get the first quarter of the block together two days later.SAM_0751

My first mistake (if it is a mistake) my outer arch, I did not cut two as the instructions indicated, I did it like the first block I cut it on the fold making it one instead of two pieces (would that have matter? Not sure). Second mistake, I needed to use more pins (do not like using pins, but in this block the more the better). I still used my curve foot, but not like what you saw in my earlier video, it kept my ¼” seam on the curve. Third mistake, in sewing I had some tucks and pleats some I straighten out, some I did not. Fourth mistake, I did not follow the ironing instruction for each section, I seem to iron where the seam want to go and last but not least of my mistakes is that on the bottom arch, pie piece, I changed the order of the colors instead of put the same colors in the right places.  This was also a drug induced haziness of my brain function of not really wanting to do anything, but went on and did it anyway.  Why do we do these things to ourselves.  Stop, go back to bed it will be there when you get up and feel better, but NOOOO just kept on going.

SAM_0752So here is the competed block. Looks great, I love the colors, but there is one thing wrong. You cannot see it in the photo to well, put it puckers in the middle, it does not lay flat. I have iron the seams open, I have even steam the blood hell out of it, but it still does not lay flat. So I will not let this Beauty beat me. I AM QUILTER HERE ME ROAR. I WILL SURVIVE. OK, OK, got a little carried away, but this is a learning experience, and I learned mine. Pay more attention to instruction, take your time, and do not drink or use drug inhibiters while in the sewing chair. Does it not say on the back of the package to “Not operate heavy equipment” (some of our sewing machines are heavy).



The Slow Quilter


  1. Oh my. That looks like a very difficult block to make. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. Hugs. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  3. It looks great frome here!

  4. Wow! Your block looks fabulous! I really love the fabrics your using :)

  5. Oh you poor thing, I'm so sorry this one kicked you while you were down! The fabrics are gorgeous and the block turned out pretty - and yes, I'd LOVE to have those gorgeous scraps!!

  6. Absolutely gorgeous! Despite all of the mistakes, you created one beautiful block and if Linda doesn't take all of the scraps, through some my way (smile). Glad to hear you are on the mend.

  7. it is beautiful even though it gave you a lot of trouble looks like it is laying not too bad ,i have been told no steam lots of starch and clip the seams the next 2 have behaved better !!!