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Friday, February 10, 2012

How To Sew Scant Quarter Inch Seam–Part II–Lesson Learned

Well, I told you why you needed to use a scant quarter inch seam, so here is how to achieve it.  But before that let me tell you a story about my lesson learn on this most important seam.

Last year I attended a retreat (Lady Scrapbag – Sweet Treat Retreat) , which required we pick from a list of quilt blocks 12 1/2” all about triangles.  These blocks were picked from a very popular web site Quilter’s Cache by Marcia Hohn’s (http://quilterscache.com).  We had at least 17 blocks to do for an exchange with a 1/2 yard of focal fabric to work with (I will show you the block and focal fabric later this week).  Most if not all of her instructions require a “scant” ¼” inch seam. As I was talking about my block, I said that all of my blocks were not 12-1/2” as was required. Well hell, I was embarrassed when a couple of ladies who were attending the retreat told me they wouldn’t accept a block that was not the required 12 1/2”, and suggested that I check my blocks and redo them if they were not. That was a tall order since I was just about 4 or 5 blocks away to finishing them. One of the young ladies suggested that maybe I would benefit in taking a beginners quilting class to understand the art of piecing. As I thought about this, I agreed that I could most likely benefit from some lessons. She was most helpful in working with me in redoing the blocks (Thank you Shirley Hodges-a great quilter).   Even though I had to take apart all of my blocks and redo them, I am happy to say that the blocks came out to be 12 1/2” and I was proud to exchange my blocks with everyone.

This is my lesson learn. If the block requires that “scant” ¼ inch seam I will do it especially if I am exchanging blocks with someone. Otherwise if the quilt is just for my use or for someone who does not know any better, I most likely will use a ¼ inch seam allowance.  Stop being so shocked, it happens.

So with that said.  Here is another YouTube video on how to achieve the scant quarter each seam.  I did try to take pictures of my scants, put they did not photo well, so again I turn to YouTube for my demonstration.

How to sew a cant quarter inch seam.

As quilters we are perfectionists. Our work is our calling card that will be passed down in our lifetime. Always do your best, because if you don’t you will be talked about. Have you learned your lesson?  I have and I respect the scant quarter inch seam.  Will you?

I hope you enjoyed this walk on the seam line.  There will not be a Part III like I thought, so you are free to get back to the sewing room and test your skills with the “scant”.

Scanting along

The Slow Quilter

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