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Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Quilts

I am still looking for that UFO I was going to work on.  Ok I have not been looking that hard.  A co-worker of mines asked if I could make a quilt for her mother for Mothers Day with pictures.  So I have been working on my photo shop pictures to make up a photo collage of her pictures that she gave me.  I have a layout in mind, put trying to get the pictures lined up is sometimes a problem.

Here are some pictures of a photo quilt I did for my son’s friends from College who got married.  I did this quilt using photo shop for the pictures, transfer artist paper (TAP) by Lisa Riley and some embroidery.

2011 04 18_0293 2011 04 18_0294

Doing photo quilts can be fun, but trying to find the right type of photo fabric sheets can be trying at times.  I have used not only TAP, but June Tailor, Crafter’s Images and Printed Treasures.  You always want to get the best results, with clear pictures.  TAP is a transfer medium which you have to flip your pictures before printing them, and then iron it on to your fabric (white cotton).  It leaves a stiff fell to the fabric, but if you wash your quilt, the pictures will not fade.  If you have used this product before and did not get good results, it has been improved.  You can see a video of this on YouTube. 

June Tailor has several types of photo fabric which I also like to use.  It all comes down to what results you are trying to get and what fabric sheet will give you the results.  I also love the Crafter’s Images, since it comes on a roll and you can print the size you want.   You can also treat your fabric with some photo liquid, then iron your fabric on to freezer paper and run it through your printer, that is to much work for me.  

This is a photo pillow I did for another co-worker who’s daughter had graduated from high school.  I used the June Tailor photo fabric.


What type of photo fabric sheets do you use?  Do you like the results?  Send me your tips on photo fabrics.

Working on the photos

The Slow Quilter

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  1. Years and years ago I made a quilt from a client's niece's picture and it came out okay. I took the photo to a printer in Kensington and they transferred it to PFD fabric. I've never used the printer sheets, although I've heard people get good results from them.