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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Still Picking Paper

Since Yesterday was a Holiday (President’s Day), I did absolutely nothing.  I tried to go down stairs and work on my block exchange, and started picking paper from that star, put it just would not hit me to do it.  I am having some heating problems so since it is warmer in my room, I took one of my sewing machines up stairs and started on a new project (I’ll tell you about that one later).


This is the star that I am still picking out paper.  It is driving me crazy, because I am afraid of pulling out the stitches, put I am working on it a little at a time.

SAM_0706SAM_0719 This one was also foundation piece, put the stitches were short and easy to take the paper off.


Last night I started on a new project.  Which will is part of a challenge for my Wee Bee Quilter group for Family Day.  I will not be able to show you or tell you what block I am doing because it is a challenge for the members to guess who did it.  Family Day is not until June, but being The Slow Quilter, I need to get a start on it.  We usually do art quilts, but this year we are doing traditional quilt blocks.  All I can say, is that it is a block I have never did before.  It will be machine stitch and appliqued.  I have all ready finished up 6 pieces or the block and still have more to go, so while I am watching TV I will start on the rest of my blocks. 

I did take some time out for myself this morning by washing my hair, giving myself a facial, and getting my cloths together for work tomorrow.  No dinner for me tonight, do not feel like cooking.  I’ll just eat a sandwich and get to sewing.

Blog with you Later or Picking paper again

The Slow Quilter


  1. oh man, you're still picking paper? Try running the dull side (not the pointy side!) of your seam ripper along the seam line, it should break up the paper so it'll be easier to take off :O)

  2. That is a real nusance. I like Linda's idea. I was going to suggest that you spritz with a little water to dampen the paper and remove while damp. It come off a little easier. Robin