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Sunday, February 19, 2012

True Quarter Inch Seam?


It is Sunday, and I had not planned to do a blog today.  Although Sunday is a day of rest, I always seem to have work around the house to do.  I have cleaned my room, and I needed to clean out my computer of old e-mails dating back to 2008.  As I was doing this I ran across this YouTube video that Charlene sent back in 2010, on “True Quarter Inch Seam”. 

Well I am totally confused here, can some-one help me out.  In the video, she is saying to get a true quarter inch seam that you have to sew a scant quarter inch seam.  Help me out quilters, as quilters do we do a true quarter each using the guide on your foot, or do we get it by doing a scant?  I really want to know, I need to know, have I been sewing the wrong way?

Not sure what I am sewing anymore

The Slow Quilter


  1. I think the explanation is that to get a "true" quarter inch you need to actually sew it scant cuz when it's pressed, the thread line and "turn of the cloth" adds a bit more.

  2. I have never heard this explanation. But I try to sew a true quarter inch seam. If it doesn't quite make the mark, I remain consistent with what ever I have so that everything will match up.