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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dot on Dots–A Day At The Fair



  The dots on dots blog hop started today.  There are some nice looking block on display along with give a ways.  So go check them out.  Here is the list for today.


September 10th

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I am still looking through my stash for my dots and thinking of what I want to create with them.  Here are some more of my dots that I have pulled out.


I am really thing of going towards the black and white dots and adding a splash of color to it, we will see.  You will see my block on the 20th this September, so make sure you turn in.

On Saturday, me a Linda from eat, sleep and quilt to a trip to the fair with my church group to the York Fair, if you have not check out her blog please go over to see some photos.  Here are some that I took.



Umm, Linda is enjoying the taste of the wild flower honey.  The bees were behind glass.





Camel, giraffe, not sure what the horn animal is and colorful birds at the petting zoon.  And last but not least quilts. 





I really like the bee quilt.  Need to make one for our quilting bee (The Wee Bee Quilters).

Oh, I must not forget the 400lb pumpkin.


That could make a whole lot of pumpkin pies.





Until tomorrow

The Slow Quilter


  1. That honey really was good, I think I liked the wild honey the best! I'm glad you posted pictures of the quilts, I didn't take many. It was a really fun day at the fair!

  2. These are Great Pictures! Beautiful fabrics, pics of quilts. Wild flower honey, sounds delicious.
    Made a lot of pumpkin pies in my day. I think this pumpkin could make at least 300 pies!
    Thank you for sharing.