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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May for Me-Bingo and Cat in Box


BINGO ITEMS May for Me 2012 LOGO 200

Well my blogging friends as you can see the May For Me BINGO has started and bloggers from all over the U.S. and even abroad are sewing on buttons to their BINGO cards for todays call out.  Don’t forget to visit all four callers: Sharon, Marcia, Snoodles and Tonya at Hillbilly Handiwork.   All I have is a button on free space, hopefully they will call something of mines next time around.


MAY FOR ME – Well I went back to work today and so that I would not cry, I decide to sing the day away with a tribute to Julie Andrew’s The Sound of Music.  Since the weather was a bit rainy this morning, I walked into the office a started singing “My Favorite Things” (Rain drops on roses……) soon I had a group of co-workings singing out Julie Andrew songs, (Maria (Felicia), “What are we going to do about Felicia).  By the middle of the day the sun came out, (I was tempted to sing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow) but went into the “Do-Ri-Me” song. So at the end of the day I was left with “So  Long Farwell”.

WHAT’S UP WITH THE CATS -  You know, ever since one of my cats died (Mercy, back in November) her boyfriend Louie has been right up under me.  Louie has always been a loner, but now he is taken up Mercy’s place by always being up under me.  Since I was sewing in my room yesterday, and the box that I keep my finish blocks in was on the bed, I happened to look around and find Louie in the box.


My stepson also has a cat here at the house Ms. Jay, she is all white (don’t have a picture of her, do feel like looking for her to get a shot).  The other night he was looking for her, we had not seen her all day.  My son came up to my room and looked in the closet and under the bed and still could not find her.  As I was about to settle in for the night I heard a meow at the window.  As you can see I have a window fan in my room for when those hot times hit me.  I go over to the window and there is Ms. Jack trying to get back in the house.  She had been out on the roof all day (wish I had my camera out to see her get back in).

This is an early post for me, since I started it soon as I go home from work.  In an earlier post, my mom hurt her back and she went to the doctors today (my daughter took her).  He gave her a shot of something but she is still in pain, and I need to go down the street to fix her and my dad something for dinner.  Yes, I live just down the street, while all the other grandchildren and daughters live to far away to come over to help.  Oh well, I love them so I hope my own children would do the same for me (as soon as I can get my daughter fully out of my house).

So off to do the cooking (in the tune of We’re off to see the Wizard of Oz)

The Slow Quilter or is that the Slow Cooker.


  1. Ahhh, sorry you had to go back to work, but PTL you have a job when so many still don't! I could imagine going through your day with you~ Glad you found the white cat to let in. Hope your mom feels better real soon~! ♥♥♥

  2. Even though you had to go back to work, you found a way to get through it. I love the sound of music and sang Edelweiss for both of my daughters and 5 granddaughters to get them to sleep. Lately I have been singing Whitney Houston songs. My co-workers just look at me sideways. Hang in there and keep singing!

  3. All I have is something on the free spot, too! This game could take awhile.
    Mr. Louie looks like he has things under control.