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Monday, May 28, 2012

Surprise, Surprise!!

It was a Wee Bee surprise for one of our members this past Saturday at my quilting bee. Charlene Marshall of Quilting With Charbee  check  out her blog  http://quiltingwithcharbee.blogspot.com/2012/05/queen-bee-for-day.html.  She was our Queen Bee for the day (or is it a year) but this was our first time honoring one of our members.  She is always there to help you with a quilting question, she is a teacher at heart, she is OUR QUEEN BEE.  These are the beehive blocks that each member presented to her with our names.


She received about 21 or more beehive blocks.  It is one thing about a surprise, you never know if the person that you plan to surprise will show up.  We usually meet at 12:00 and we sent a e-mail out saying the meeting would not start until 1:00.  Charlene took her time and did not show up until almost 2:00.  From the pictures below you can see we really setup a surprise. We covered the floor with yellow rose petals, she had a crown and thrown and even a bee scepter. 


Our Vic Pres. Carolyn Burgess even made the beehive cake and the bee cake.  It was a lot of food.


For a gift we gave her this lovely charm bracelet and her best friend Shirley made her a apron and gave her the bee to put in her garden.  She was also surprise to see her sister, nice, nephew and his wife was there too.



My Second surprise is that my air conditioner went out on me.  I was talking to my baby brother on Friday, telling him how hot it will be this weekend and that my air conditioner went out on me.  Well surprise for me is that is called me Saturday morning and told be to come up the door.  I went down an there he was was a new air conditioner for me.  I was so happy I could cry.  So after our Queen Bee celebration, I went home a turn on my new air conditioner and passed out.  I have been passed out the whole weekend.  I did not even go to church.

Me a Tom today, went out for awhile, and came home to sit in the cool air and watch movies.  I did not work on my block today or yesterday, but tomorrow I will have finished the block I need to do.  I do not plan to run around any where if I can help it.  The people are coming to work on my porch I hope.

So until tomorrow

The Slow Quilter.


  1. Your quilt group looks like such fun! So happy you got your new air conditioner. Stay indoors and enjoy the cool air!

  2. Thanks to all my wonderful sisters for the suprise party. As far as I am concern all of you are queen bees. Few thank you for sending the pictures. When your porch is finish I will come around and sit, chat and sew on your porch. Thanks again