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Wednesday, May 9, 2012


OK, this is what happen.  As you all know I ran out of the red batik fabric I was using for the picture quilt (that is what you get when using stuff out of your stash with less then a yard).  Since this was my creation, I did not take into consideration that I would need that much, but as I really got into it, it started to expand.  Also I am thinking of changing my name from the “Slow Quilter” to “Late Quilter” or “Procrastinator Quilter” or even the “Last Minute Quilter”.

Quilters are artist, some of us plan out what they are doing with measurements or  drawings, I just go with the gut (could me sour stomach).  Anyway, as I was going to work, an idea hit me (I checked, no one threw a rock), I was look for some bee fabric I knew I had and ran across this red/black fabric (looking like seeds) and I said to myself, “self you can use that fabric to break up the red”.  Woo Hoo, what a great idea.

SAM_0928This is the fabric, sorry that the picture does not give you a good read, bad lighting, (I think a couple of bubs blew out, and I don’t think I have anymore, add this to the shopping list).  This is a match red and they look like seeds to me or even leaves which is a good theme.


Sew a sewing I did go, a sewing I did go, hi, ho, a merry go a sewing I did go.  Sorry music in my head again (next Dr.’s appointment get MRI, check for musicians in head).  Here is a couple of shots of the almost finished quilt.


Now I am really on a roll (seriously, I am rolling around in the chair).  As I rolled around looking at this quilt from all angles, I think I need another boarder, nothing large no more then about 2”, and I thought maybe in black.  So, as I was about to put the black strips on the quilt another thought came to me (who is in my head?).  Why not do a miter board?  Because I do not know how.  So up to the computer to YouTube to watch several videos on how to do miter boarders.  Did you know that using miter boarders also helps square up your quilt?  Well at lest that’s what the lady said in the video.

Adding Mitered Boarder to a Quilt

God is on my side tonight, because the 4 strips that I had cut was long enough to do the miter without having to piece the strips together. Oh Happy Days, oh happy days, oh happy days (when Jesus wash…….).  Ok really need to check those musicians in my head.

So here is a copy of the almost finished quilt.


I know you can not see the miter well, but they did come out very well.  I did not cut off the ends yet, because I need to tighten it up a little more, it is kind of wavy.  That is what happens when you get tired.  You need to stop, step back, and comeback to it later.  So that is what I am doing tonight.

SAM_0933As you can see I have a sink of dishes to wash and my sewing stuff to clean up before I go upstairs.  I also have a load of wash clothes and towels in the washer that I need to put in the dryer.  I have to come up stairs and write this blog, then find something to wear to work and do something to my hair (since I got get cut, I just have to brush it to the side).  It is now 12:25 and I am ready to hitting the bed.

Tomorrow it will be all about straitening out the board and finding a backing.  I know I do not have enough fabric for the backing, but I have a lot of fabric so it will be a piece backing and I will try to stay in the black/red thing or something.  Something might hit me on the way to work tomorrow (hopefully it is not a car or bus).




  1. You are too funny!! Your piece is looking good and good for you in trying and researching a new technique.

  2. I like the idea of the red and black border, it sort of says the mom was the original seed of the tree... something like that. I'm liking it more and more, can't wait to see it finished!

  3. It is really looking good. I especially like the red & black fabric that you added. Hang in there and keep singin!

  4. Ya for the miters! You do what I do. I hit you tube and the internet and just do it. And I'm a "gut" quilter as well. I had one quilt which ran out of fabric and i had to make a substitution (Sarge's quilt). But if you saw the end product you'd never know. I love your family tree!

  5. LOL @ the musicians in your head - at least they're not playing something horrible!

    The quilt looks lovely - you found just the right print to add to it! I love pieced backings - not only are they a good use of scraps (I LOVE SCRAPS!) but they also look a bit fancier than plain backings - like you took extra time to make them special :)

  6. Holy Goodness Gracious... you had me rolling as I read this! Your brain works like mine... you poor thing!! :-)

    I think your new fabric blends in perfectly. Great find / save! I will watch that video on mitered corners... you can call me the "Too scared to try new things" quilter ;-)

  7. This is coming along better than I imagined!!! The expression on my mother's face will be "priceless"... :) Echoing from my niece... "U Rock"!