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Thursday, May 17, 2012

MIA From Blogging–WHO ME?

Yah, I have been MIA this week from the blogging world.  After finishing the photo quilt on Mother’s Day, (and I like to thank all of you who sent me comments and liked the quilt),  and my co-workers mother loved the quilt.  One of her nice was following the blog and explain the concept of the tree, the fabric that looked like seeds and the pictures on the side.  I was also told, that her husband was a little upset that his picture was not on the quilt and his daughter told him that it is a Mother’s Day gift from her children, not the dad. 

I had to take a little me time.  Yah, right, me time is over stated in my case.  I had the little one, who does not want to eat and crying all the time to drive me crazy.  It is a wonder I still have what little hair I do have on my head.  His mother has him tonight.  God, I am counting the days when school is over and she move the kids to her house.

I have not been MIA from my quilting, I have been working on a couple of quilt blocks that I cannot show you and also working on a quilt that I cannot show you.  Woo that sucks big time.  I have been checking out all my followers blogs and trying to leave comments while I was at work.  Some I need to go back to because they are doing some interesting blocks or project.

Below are pictures of a quilt that each member did a block for a former member who’s father died (I think 2 years ago), and was just finished and she brought it to show us the quilt.

SAM_0880 SAM_0881

SAM_0882 This is the block I did, appliqué and embroidery.  The sun’s eyes move. How cool is that.




SAM_0879  This is Gwen sporting her Wee Bee Quilters jacket she made.


       President Obama is to be at our building tomorrow and because of the security and check points they are asking us to telework.  Which is great, but I will be on a bus trip with a group of ladies to gamble away their social security funds at the slot machines.  O.K. I am one of them, mama needs some money to take some bus trips.  Once I win a couple of hundred, I will go somewhere a read my book on the kindle.  After I loose my first $50, I will not hit the slots anymore.  O.K. I’m cheap, but I cannot afford to loose anymore then that.

So if I don’t make it to Trump Towers from all the money I hope to win, I will be blogging with you tomorrow.  OH NO!!!! I almost forgot, I bowl tomorrow, so I will be getting off the bus and heading straight to the bowling alley and will not get home until after 12:00. 

Have I said I need to change my name to “The Busy Quilter” or maybe “Who Has Time To Quilt”????? 

Blog with you later

The Slow Quilter


  1. Sounds like you have been BUSY! Pretty blocks in the quilt that was a combined effort. It has been awhile since I was in Atlantic City. I won about a hundred dollars playing a star trek game. It was a miracle. I was trying to figure it out and won. Because I couldn't figure out how I had won, I took the money and walked away. Good luck on your next trip.

  2. You sound too busy to blog! Good luck tomorrow! I hope you win big and can spend some of your money on quilty stuff!I like the quilt you all worked on. It came out very nice!

  3. Sounds like you need a 'get out and play' time. Enjoy your day and good luck.

  4. I love when I see you've blogged because I know I'm going to smile at whatever you wrote (and I did.) My Kindle is one of my favorite "toys"--looks like it is yours, too. I hope you win big so you can just hang out and read!

  5. Nice to see your blog. Have fun in Atlantic City.

  6. Good luck in Atlantic City. Maybe you'll win so much money you won't have to go back to work. I dream big.
    Your applique block is great. I love that the sun's eyes move.