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Monday, January 23, 2012

What Is In The Box?

As quilters, we have a lot of stuff, our stash as we call it.  We have fabric stored in binds, boxes, shelves, still in bags we brought it home in.  Some of us have small spaces, the lucky few have large spaces, those of us who still can't get those grown children out of the house so we can turn their room into the quilting/sewing room we are dreaming of.  Then there is the "box".  You know the box that is under the cutting table or under the sewing table or maybe up on the shelf, you might even have a closet that you store fabric in.  What is in the "box"?  It is those flimsies, the UFOs, the UFQs, those fabrics that are not scraps, but big enough to use in another quilt or applique.

Well it is time my quilting sisters to pull out that "box", reach in it a pull out something, be it that UFO, that flimsy or even the UFQ, it is time to finish what you started.  LET'S GO AND DIG OUT THE BOX!!!

Now that I have gotten that out of my system, here is the box that I pulled out.

I reached in a pulled out the first thing I got my hands on.  God this thing has been transferred from box to box for the last 7 or 10 years, when I first got the quilting bug and was still learning.

This is what I found in the package.  Six square n' Square blocks, 10 fusible circles, 10 black squares and 8 triangles.  So what in the hell was this going to be?  Yes, I know it was to be a quilt, but what kind.  I know I lost the quilting magazine to this some time ago, that is why it is still around.  This is why I call this a real UFO.  I have no idea on how this is to be but together.  Do I even have enough square n' square blocks?  Do I need to make more?

paper piece square n' square
fusible circles

These are questions that I will have to figure out as I look through the many quilt books and magazines that I have to figure out how I want to finish this.  Let you know tomorrow what I have come up with.  This will not go back to "box".  It is time to take control of the "box".  I will conquer the "box" it will not control me.  I have to come out of the "box".  OK, OK, I am going on again.  But I really need to clean out that box, I need to make room for more fabric.

Do you have a "box"?  Tell me about yours.

The Slow Quilter


  1. I have a lot of boxes you want to come and play in mind. i need to figure out what's in mind.

  2. I have bins and more bins. And now I like those big pretty bags that you get from Marshalls and Home Goods. Thanks for your comments about HSTM. I love color and I am just beginning to figure out how colors work together. It will come to you. Remember how folks used to say pink and orange or purple and red don't go together? Well I mix them all the time. They look good to me :0). Try it!