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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Organizing Your Quilt Magazines & Books

We all subscribe to lots of different quilt magazines or we pick them up at our nearest news stand and we also order quilting books.  All of this is to keep up with the newest technique in quilting, or we see something we would like to make.  So over the years I have boxes of magazines and bookshelves of quilt books.  I have magazines that date as far back at 2008 (that might not be that far for most quilters).  It was time for me to get organized when it came to my hording of books (I also had boxes and boxes of novels).   


Now as I said before in my bio, I love to read, so my box of books were numerous.  Not only did I have boxes here at home and had about 5 or 6 boxes of books at work.  The ones at work, I was able to give it to our book store, some of them I mailed to a co-workers daughter who read the same books I did.  I am now down to one box half full (I like to sometime re-read my books)  I got a Kindle (before they cut the price) early last year and already I have over 140 books that I have read on it, so you can see I read a lot.  The books at home went to thrift stores (after I look through them to pick out what I want to keep).  OK, I just can not give all them up, but it was still a good clean up.

Now for the magazines.  It took me a lest a week or two (I am too busy on the weekends to knock this out), I look through all of them and pulled out the pages I wanted to keep and put them in plastic covers and but them in a binder.  I have several, put it is easy for me to look through to find a project I would like to do.


I do have to book shelves (one is in the basement) and that is were I keep my quilt books for easy reference and also any recent magazines that come in.  It looks like I have room for more books, yah right, I have some on the cutting table.


So I hope this will help you to get your magazines and books organized for the new wave for new magazines and books come in this year.

Booking Right Along

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  1. My house next:0). I have mags dating back to 1999, the year I started quilting.

  2. I can really relate to this post. I live in a rabbit hutch and the books and magazines have more room than I do. I trade off with friends at church who enjoy the same kind of books but there are so many I am not ready to part with.