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Monday, January 16, 2012

Too Busy to Blog – No Time To Quilt

Yes, it is only 8:00 pm and I just don’t have time to blog.  I started cleaning my room this morning, got a call from my girl Charlene to make a Jo Ann’s Fabric run.  I did not buy fabric (good for me).  We did stop to eat, and made some other stops.  We left home around 11:30 I did not get back until after 4:00 then had to make a quick run to CVS for my mother, come back home make something to eat for my 2 year old grandson (his mother works nights),  let him run around for a hour or two stick him in the bed.  I need to finish my binding on my quilt, had to look for my Fons & Porter binding tool, could not remember how to use it, had to look it up on the web and print it out.   Now I am on my way back down stairs to finish this binding, and then have to come back upstairs to make up my bed and finish cleaning my room.  Well I most likely will not finish something, so I just might have to play sick tomorrow and stay home from work.  Let you know tomorrow.

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  1. get up, if i have to go to so do you. we are not like charlene and pat who are retiree and can sleep late and quilt later. so just get up and go.

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