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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dresden-Stitches Hops and Doing Good



Look out bloggers, the Dresden are coming, the Dresden are coming.  Yes, if you did not join this blog hop, follow along with those who have.  It should be a sight to see; modern, traditional, new wave, and just out of the box Dresden.  I am looking forward to seeing all of them, so join me and other blog hoppers on this hop.  Here is the line up for January 24-25th, and yours truly will be showing what she did on Jan. 25th.

January 24th, 2013

January 25th, 2013
And if you want to join a blog hop, try this one o for size.  It is the Stitch Me Up Hop. As always Madame Samm keeps up hopping along with new ways for bloggers to meet and share.  So head on over to Sew We Quilt to get the scoop on this blog hop and sign-up.  And the Cheerleader for this hop is Jane from Jane's Fabrics and Quilts.  So if you missed signing up on other hops you have time for this one.  It starts March 20-29, put sign up is limited, so hurry on over and sign up. 
By the way, went to the doctor’s office today, and they took out the stitches and things look well.  Should try to walk normally and will set up therapy in about 4 to 6 weeks.  I will be back in the office within the week.
Happy Hopping Everyone
The Hopping Slow Quilter (Felicia)



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