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Thursday, January 17, 2013

I Have A Winner!! The Great Escape

Yes, bloggers, I have finally got a winner and finally decide what the gift will be.  Yes, isn’t  great I am still procrastinating.  Ok, Ok, the winner is #33 Joan of Moosestash Quilting with her comment:

 “What a fun start to my morning. I just had to laugh at your post. No matter if you procrastinate or not, you have come up with a delightful quiltie! I just have to follow to see what your up to next! Smile

I have informed her of her win, and have sent her a $20 Gift Certificate from Sew Lux Fabric & Gifts, and if you have not checked out their line of fabrics and notions, stop on by.

Now for the Great Escape:


I could not take it any longer, I had to escape the bedroom.  Other then working from home, all I did was catch up on my blog reading, finish reading a 3rd book in a series and take my walker to the bathroom.


So I had Tom, before he left to pick up stuff, to take Mr. Walker downstairs, so when I finished working from home and conference calls I would get out of the sick bed see another part of the house. After I cleaned myself up (my hair looks like a birds nest and as dry as tumbleweed)  I took a walk on the wild side and came down the stairs, no problem.  Now, now, I am not doing to much, the doctor wants me to move around so the knee does not get to stiff and I am not in any pain.  Matter of fact, it feels pretty good.


So the first place I go is the kitchen.  Isn't that a nice kitchen? I really like the lay out.  It is not mind, it’s clip art.  Open-mouthed smileBut I have a nice little kitchen.  I had some hamburger in the refrigerator and did not want it so spoil, so I made a meatloaf with half and taco meat with the other.  I did sit down and rest in between.  I also wash up some dishes.   I am such a clean freak, NOT.

Before I have to go back upstairs (to the bathroom), I plan to work on my Dresden project that I started.  Hope it will be ready in time.  My cameras up stairs so no pictures of the process.  With all the water I been drinking, I might not be able to finish a round.

I also brought the bills down to pay, put I don’t feel like getting depressed in paying them.  I am procrastinating in paying them.  I still have a few more days, before they turn off the lights, phone, gas, you think.  I’ll try to do them when I go back upstairs to the other computer.

Well that’s all for now, will blog with you later.

The Slow Quilter – even Slower on the walker (Felicia)


  1. I'm glad you got to take in some new scenery. Be sure to at least pay the electric bill so you can sew those Dresden's! :O)

  2. Sounds like your recovery is going well!

  3. I am glad to hear that you are up and about. I don't blame you for wanting to come downstairs. There is much more to see and do there,plus the kitchen is close by.How long does it take for your knee to heal?
    You sound like me when it comes to paying bills. I put them off until the last minute. I figured out I would be rich if I didn't have to pay them, but we do need the power and other things so I keep on paying.
    Take care and be careful.

  4. Wow! You're really getting around! I understand the bills and depression thing. If only we could buy our fabric for free. Like poster above said. Pay that electric bill (water too! we all need to flush! LOL!).

  5. Wow. You are really making progress. Pay the bills girl. They are always a certainty. I just pulled fabric the dresden. Looking forward to it. Keep doing good.

  6. Love your clip art kitchen. Now if I could find a clip art maid that really worked, LOL! Glad to see you are up and around. Take it slow, don't over do.

  7. You've escaped??? At least to a different part of the house! :-) Glad to hear you are getting up and around, and wishing you the best for a speedy recovery. Looking forward to you running your next marathon. (cause it ain't going to be me running a marathon) LOL!!

    Thank you so very very much for the Sewlux Certificate. I am having fun shopping. See you in the next Blog hop!

  8. Congratulations to Joan, the winner! Sounds like you had a more intersting day than I did, I only got a little bit of sewing done. Ask Tom who he waves at on the street, LOL. I was passing your house and saw him coming down the walkway; I tooted my horn and he just grinned and waved, I know he didn't know who it was! Take care of that knee and keep getting better.