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Friday, July 6, 2012

Mind Melt Down

I don’t know if it’s the heat or what, but my concentration has gone to hell.  It  just seems that I have a lot going on in my creative mind and it will not settle down to just one project, it is all over the place which make for nothing getting completed.

Now I have pulled out bag patterns all over the house a could not decide what I wanted to do or if I had all the material I need to complete them.  I have enough fabric, but not enough things like cover buttons (don’t even have a cover button do-hacky) zipper in the colors I need, or not enough fusible flees.  I really do not what to run to the fabric store at this time, put I know I will when I decide to leave the house and hit the heat.

I have not been ideal, Tom has had me making pillows for him for his gift baskets that he sells.


  So far I have made around 13 pillows and only have two more to go.  I think I am in a better mind today to complete some other things that I have on my mind to do.



I started this bag yesterday (Thursday) and realized before attaching the lining I forgot to put the pocket on, so I have to work on that today.  This is a jelly roll tote, which calls for cover buttons I do not have put I will improvise something, I do have other buttons.

I always clean up my work space before going to bed, it helps me to work better in a clean and organized space.  Well as you can see below, I did not clean up my mess last night, so this is something I need to do before embarking on any other sewing expedition.


I have one more Red, White & Blue block that I would like to do (my own creation) for the blog hop which I will be posting July 8th.  I might venture outside and run down to my neighbors yard and take photos of my blocks.  I notice on the blog hops that they are taken nature background shots of there blocks and they look so nice.  I even plan to do my first give away.  As you can see from my work table that I could almost give away everything.

If you have not stop by the Red, White & Blue blog hop just click on the button on the side of my blog and it will give you a look and all the participants, or just click here for Jane,s Fabric and Quilt there is a list of bloggers in the hop.

Since this is a early blog for me I still have a few days off from work, I don’t go back until Tuesday, I have time to finish at least one or two bags.

So until tomorrow or when every I get a chance to blog.

The Slow Quilter


  1. I usually pick up inbetween projects, so this is a usual 'look' for my space.

  2. When I come upstairs at night I tend to tidy up and set out a project or two to work on the next day, so when I go back down, I can get right to work.

    As far as trying to get a project underway but not having all the goodies you need - you could try making "kits" of projects to do. Gather up the fabric, interfacing, batting, zippers, buttons, pattern etc. you need for each project, then tuck it into a ziplock bag, along with a note that outlines any information you may need for completing the project. This is how I do most of my projects - right now I have, I think, 15 totes/zippies/pillowcases/stuffies kitted ready to work on, and 2 more bags are on my table to do next. When I'm ready to sew I just grab a bag and get to work, because everything is ready :) It helps keep me organized, and kitting projects is a great way to plow through stash!

  3. I understand how you feel about this heat. It is totally exhausting. I have a 100 things going on at one time. When I get bored with one project, I move to another one just to break up the monotomy. I also kit up projects in ziploc bags. It helps keep things organized. I do not have a sewing room yet, so I sew in the dining room and lately in my living room in front of the french doors. I love the light that comes in...so my space is always messy, but I do try to re-organize every couple of days.