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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Heat Wave–Red, White & Blue Blog Hop

This is my first day off from work and the heat wave in D.C. is not letting up.  Sorry I have been MIA these couple of days, but I was relaxing to get started on some projects.  Last Friday,  the storms came in and I was at the bowling alley.  We did not know anything was going on with the weather until the lights went out.  Then we started to hear water, like a water fall.  It was so dark in there that we realized the water was flooding the bowling lanes, well that cut the game short on our third game 6 or 7 frame.  Not sure we will be bowling this coming Friday, just have to wait a see.

There was a lot of power outages with a lot of down trees in my area.  Some people are still with out power in my area, I was one of the lucky ones, every thing is on including the air conditioner (dame it’s hot).

tree falls in petworth

  Here is a tree now in the Petworth area.




  The Red, White & Blue Blog Hop started yesterday, and the blocks are great.  This blog hope was created by Madame Samm of Sew We Quilt and hosted by Jane’s Quilts and Fabrics.  Go check out the blogs, there are a lot of give a ways and tutorials, and I will be showing my RW&B block on July 8th, so I have been working on something during the relaxing time.

As I was looking at my RW&B blocks on the design wall, something on bother sides caught my attention.    Yes it was two bag patterns that I did not even know were hanging there.


And when I looked under them I found two more bag patterns.SAM_1188

 Well you know I am going to have to make them.  I am afraid to look in the box under my table, I might find even more bag/tote patterns.  How many bags do you think I can get done this week?  These patterns that I found I should be able to complete in a day.  If I take all day tomorrow and just cut out the patterns and then sew then I could get two bag done in a day.  I will see how I feel in the morning.  Here are some fabrics that I have already pulled for a bag.


Nice and colorful and I know I have had this fabric for over two years, got to go.  Now I have not stop making quilts, put since I do not have any idea what type of quilt I would make from this fabric I will just use it in a bag.  Also I will have enough left over to make a quilt with or use it for a backing.  So it would seem I have a long week ahead of me.  I know I will not be getting in much sewing next week since Vocational Bible School will be starting, so I will be heading around the church after work and I know I will only want to get home and jump in the bed afterwards.

So I will be bagging a long now, and blog with you soon.

The Slow Quilter or is that the Bag Quilter or No Longer Quilter, what every.


  1. Such terrible storms. I'm glad you still have power. We have been having a terrible heat wave here. Love your colorful fabrics. Will make a great bag. Looking forward to seeing your red/white/blue block :)

  2. There is no such thing as too many bags.

  3. I love bags especially when I have money to put into them which is not too often. I'm looking forward to seeing your R/W/B blocks.

  4. I have the Runaround bag pattern - I made it a while ago to carry my passport and wallet in when I head Stateside to go shopping! I really like the flap on the Sweet or Sassy bag - that's a pretty design :)

    We've been very lucky in this heat - our power went off yesterday but it was only for a few minutes - I was in the basement sewing when it went out - my sewing room has no windows so it was totally black - I ran upstairs as fast as I could as I didn't want to be alone in the dark!!

  5. Wow, I only have one bag pattern and have been looking at it because, quite frankly, Im a little intimidated. Have to get over that somehow. I love the fabric you have chosen for your bags.
    quilting dash lady at comcast dot net

  6. You have some great bag patterns , they will be great fun to make . I see one in the post after this one and it looks great , can't wait to see even more .