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Monday, July 9, 2012

Heat-Corn Rolls- RW&B Blog Hop

It is still hot out there with thunder storms coming.  This is my last day off from work and I will have to hit the government walls tomorrow morning.  I will have to set the alarm just to remind me I have to go to work.  Because of the heat, trying to keep a hairstyle is impossible.  I sweat so much from the head that even rolling up my hair is useless ( I also have to blame it on personal heat too) and I end up having to curl my hair every morning.
To cut the time of having to do my hair every morning and worry about it when I go out of town this coming Sunday I had my stepsons baby mom come over after church to corn roll my hair.  I must warn you that these pictures are graphic and painful (my pain).
Yes that is roll of fat scalp back there, but I must say this is a cool style.  The braids are so tight that I think I have a face lift.  Well it will loosen up in a day or two (not the fat rolls in the back of my head).  Could that be were we get the saying “Fat Head”.

celebrateRWBstarsmallThe Red, White and Blue Blog Hop went well yesterday, when I got home from church I had so many comments and bloggers joining my site that I was as giddy as baby.  Since I read all my blog comments from my e-mail, I had to also look in my junk mail and pull all of you out of it and add you to my contact list.  I know it is a better way to read them from my blog but I am still learning.  I try to reply to most of you, and if I have not please do not feel slighted. I have been joining blogs and commenting on most if I have time.

For some of the new bloggers out there I have found two or three bloggers that are given advise on blogging subjects that will help you achieve blogging glory.
“Let’s Figure it out together” at Plum and June blog spot has a list of blog hoppers that  that will help you with some of your blogging questions.  This is great help.

Made by ChrissieD also has a tutorial on how to “Personalizing Your Blogger Comment Message” that you should take a look at.   Her blog is were I found Plum and June.

And Jenelle at Echinop & Aster is also having a series of tech help for bloggers.  This is also very helpful.
So if you don’t know nothing and you what to know something just check out our fellow bloggers who are willing to teach us how to blog successfully.

One last note, I will most likely not be quilting or making anything after today, since I will be in Vocation Bible School all this week after work and will not get home until after 9:00 and might not have time to even do a block.  Also the following week (as you know I will be in training, but I will blog about things I see in Detroit.  Then I will have my RW&B give away drawing when I get back.
Giddy as a Baby
The Slow Quilter


  1. Well I may be the first comment, but am sure there will be more!
    I love what you did with your hair, now it if I just had enough, I would go for it, grin, at 75 I am walking our mall each am for exercise, and like you am a wet head when I get finished, would love to be able to put up my hair like yours. Barbara in western NC

  2. Sounds like you are going to be a busy lady for a few weeks. It makes sense to have a hair do that can tolerate the heat & humidity. Take care and enjoy your week! Sheila from the Finger Lake Region of western NY

  3. Your 'do' looks nice, I feel you on the facelift pain! My loctitian listens to books while she works and sometimes she gets so excited I have to tell her "hey, that one's a little tight!"

    I hope you also have some fun time in Michigan - look for a quilt shop! :o)