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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Who Has Pissed Off Mother Nature

Just a quick Hello to all since I have been MIA this pass week. I just want to give my heart felt condolence to all of those out west/mid-west who are having some bad weather.  Just who has pissed off Mother Nature to give us such bad weather.

Just look at what is going on:

Is Mother Nature trying to tell us something?

Sorry, Just Thinking

The Slow Quiler
(Felicia Few)


  1. Was thinking the same thing yesterday! We are 20-30 degrees colder than norm for this time of year in our area - flowers and trees have yet to bud.

  2. Mother Nature definitely has a bee in her bonnet. Last week we received 8 inches of snow mixed with rain and heavy wind. Schools were all closed on Friday. Yesterday and last night it snowed another 10 inches. This time the schools ran two hours late on plowed roads only. We are ready for spring in Northern Wisconsin.

  3. Hi Felicia. I have missed you. Although I feel sorry for all the people in the West, I am glad Mother Nature isn't taking it out on us at the moment. We are having a little warm weather here in the South. I am really loving it.

  4. It's a cycle and like all of us, Mother Nature is going through one. I will say that a weather break is coming. Up here in NW Washington, we've had sunshine and warmer temps. That's a rarity here.

  5. This spring our temps are averaging 10 degrees cooler than usual for this time of year.
    Scary list.

  6. It has been crazy, that's for sure! We're enjoying weather in 70's and high 80's--shorts and flip-flop kind of weather. :O)